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    Thursday, July 05, 2007

    al qaeda publishers

    al-Qaeda's al-Sahab media organization has demonstrated an ability to present, and help others to present, a reliable source of near real-time news coverage from the jihad fronts for Muslims. From both Iraq and Afghanistan—where heretofore the Taliban took almost no interest in media operations—there now flow almost daily, high-quality videos of mujahideen military activity against the forces of the U.S.-led coalitions, interviews with important insurgent commanders and tapes of the retribution exacted from those Muslims who cooperate with the "occupiers." These tapes are a solid contribution to al-Qaeda's goal of reducing Arab and Muslim defeatism, and offer Muslims around the world a third news source option. In addition to Western outlets like CNN, VOA and BBC, and the Arab satellite channels like al-Jazeera and al-Arabiyah, al-Qaeda and its allies have, via the internet, given Muslims another option for viewing the news from the war zones, and one with a blatant but well-informed Islamist slant.

    The Mujahideen Shura Council is an umbrella organization of a number of different Islamic terrorist groups active in Iraq, attacking U.S. and coalition forces. For some time, they have been issuing monthly printed reports in Arabic about their "successes" against U.S. forces. Almost without exception, these reports are pure Islamic propaganda and issued to rally the terrorists fighting in the Iraqi theater. The statistics they provide are usually inflated and frequently used by other terrorist groups and once translated, are often cited by anti-war, anti-U.S. groups to sway public opinion. For their October report, they made it easier to attract Western sympathizers. (The same video is also available in Arabic).

    The most recent report was issued in a 59-second video format in English, which suggests that this report is being directed to viewers in the West instead of those fighting in Iraq. The video is presented at this LINK for your review, for the purpose of showing what is being disseminated to Western press sources and those sympathetic to the terrorist factions at war with our forces.

    Compared to the quarterly released Technical Mujahid E-zine, the yearly updated Jihadist Security Enclopedia, or the regularly updated terrorism glorifying blogs, the Mujahideen Harvest magazine is released monthly, and represents a complete account of mujahideen activities in Iraq, featuring successful attacks and coming up with top 20 lists of the best explosions. It's latest issue 41 is 45 pages long, and details the strategies and events related to each attack in a daily like journal entry. This magazine (Mujahideen Harvest) is 100% conventional warfare achievements related, and from an OPSEC perspective, is an indispensable account into each and every attack that occurred in between the last and the current issue was released from the perspective of the mujahideen militants.

    Need an effort to take out directors. managers of their media arm.


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