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    Sunday, July 30, 2006

    al-Qaida is washed up.

    al-Qaida is washed up.
    So a paradigm shift indicates.

    Binny offered a "TRUCE"
    THERE ARE 25,000 Americans in Lebanon , a state controlled by
    terrorists. Americans are EASY TARGETS THERE, NONE HAVE BEEN HARMED.
    The CIA rolled up their Binny office.
    Big "Z" is dead and to be a leader in al-Qaida is an automatic death

    That is not to say some group won't attack in al-Qaida' name.

    If they didn't fear America those Americans in Lebanon would have felt
    the effect.

    al-Qaida only pays lip service to terrorism, they no longer appear to
    be a player.

    bin Laden has issued five audiotapes since he ended a 14-month silence
    in January, and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri has released eight
    audio- or videotaped speeches this year.

    Ed Note: AQ is loosing influence and control, big "Z" was killed with
    AQ help, for not following orders and challenging binny for control,
    in exchange we dis-banded the CIA group hunting for ole Binny.

    That means USA has established back channel communication with Binny.

    I hope this Paradigm holds.


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