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    Friday, April 12, 2013

    Does Obama have the BALLS

    What does it take?
    NK in violation of treatys is seeking
    nuclear weapons, and is threatening

    Threatening to Nuke Japan, SK,

    Guam & USA.

    DIA indicates they have untested
    Nuclear missiles.

    North Korea has indicated their intention
    and US's top Missile spy agency DIA,
    indicates they have the means.

    What does it take to get the Obama
    administration to act?

    Is the USA waiting for N Korea to fire a nuke

    USA is facing a declared nuclear enemy
    and seems stymied, even scared.
    Unsure of what to do.
    Afraid of a psychotic 21 yr old chief of
    state Kim Jong Un.

    USA is not acting like the most powerful
    super power in the world.
    More like ignoring the problem, hoping
    it will go away.

    Walking on eggs because of a 3rd rate WWII
    power, North Korea.

    And the world is watching, Iran and Terrorists
    eagerly taking notes, on USA apparent

     North Korea has threatened WAR, says they
    have activated war plans.
    North Korea has gotten away with acts of
    WAR for 46 years, since 1967. 

    What does it take for S Korea & USA
    to end this? Waiting for N Korea to get
    a tested working Nuclear Missile?

    Its not going to get any easier,  
    its not going to go away. 

    When do we confront this dictatorship
    on its acts of war? When they actually 
    NUKE someone?

    Finishing the Korean war maybe the 
    only way to stop this maniacal sociopath.
    And bring peace to the world and insure 
    future generations won't be hit by a sneak
    nuclear attack.
    Costing 100,000 of lives now but
    saving millions of lives later.

    It won't be easy, but confronting EVIL
    seldom is easy.

    The risk of N Korea becoming a member
    of the nuclear nations is too great, and
    will proliferate nuclear weapons to 
    nations that will use them.

    When will US Mil shed its timidity in dealing
    w/ Iran & N Korea?
    Diplomacy has FAILED, enemies are using
    the talking to build nukes triggering a nuclear
    race in the near and far East.

    I don't know if Obama has the BALLS,
    he is untested, but the situation calls
    for BIG BRASS BALLS not timidity.

    Who wins Nuclear N Korea & Iran

    Internet Anthropologist





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