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    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    Taliban public paradigm FALSE

    The Taliban paradigm hasn't rang true for
    a few years, but we have never had the missing
    pieces to flesh out the real paradigm, until now.

    On twitter we advertise for informants, Taliban,
    ISI, Iranians etc. Offering secure encrypted communications.
    "We welcome sources,secure, encrypted,cloaked
    communications channel will be set up for you"

    We were contacted via 3rd party for a contact
    And were asked for assurances against Federal

    I'm breaking OpSec to provide others with
    assurances about our security.

    From just our end, we obtain a notebook,
    war drive, connect to VPN, use full encryption
    end to end and make contact. Entire note book
    erased to NSA standards after contact.

    Untraceable, and no tracks.

    The Taliban that contacted us is TTP,
    His assertion is the Taliban is a corporation,
    with a profit motive.
    And he is tired of being cheated.
    They work on commission.
    $xxx.00 dollars offered for an attack,
    and $xxxx.00 for a dead American with
    He is not top level administration nor bottom level field
    commander, and he explains how the Taliban
    The highly religious persona isn't real,
    he is clear to say some are but for most
    part they are not. Its about the dollars.

    Islamic Criminals:

    He thinks there are huge amounts involved
    just from what he has seen from his level.

    For an operation there are $xxxx.00 dollars provided
    and every time the money is passed on each takes
    a cut, 'for expenses'. Some real expenses and some
    not so real.
    There is strict accounting and padding of expenses.
    And if the chain of command is successful it gets more
    money and operations. And the accounting is not looked
    at too closely.
    If they have a high failure rate expenses may be used
    as an excuse to cut them off from operations or de-fund them.
    Then they operate for free till show some success.
    Failure isn't related to casualties or death rates but
    to the damage done to American forces.
    They use the martyr angle to cover up incompetent
    commanders, and unnecessary deaths blaming Americans
    for stupid Taliban command decisions.

    The story they tell their troops/fighters is much different
    from actual reality. Field commanders bank some huge
    sums, and the actual fighters, the ones who die get peanuts.

    He is certain some upper level Taliban administration
    have become millionaires, sending their money out of the

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: TERRORIST MONEY LAUNDRY: DUBAI?
    He says they whore around gamble get drunk and use
    drugs, and kill at will.
    If they find out where your money is they will kill
    you for it.
    Most of the money comes thru Pakistan, and he said
    "They think STRANGE".
    "If we quit attacking Afghan for a year Americans
    would leave, why we attack?"
    He says operations that come down from the top
    are ones that will piss off Americans the most.
    Some operations are on targets of opportunity.
    Others are very specific, intel coming from Pakistan.

    Time location and even conditions maybe outlined.
    Some one has deep pockets and want US to stay in
    Afghanistan and keep the Taliban engaging the US forces.
    He says the fighters are recruited various ways,
    some will fall for the religious line, and the Taliban
    have experts in perverting Islam, others will work
    for very small wages, others are forced.
    Some they will put in key positions knowing
    they will be killed by the Americans because
    this will anger brothers or uncles who will then
    fight for free even out of a revenge motive.
    Not knowing the Taliban set up the death to
    attract other fighters for revenge.
    They try to film all attacks as it is easier
    to get paid with a video, as proof.
    And this is why Twitter Taliban report
    such exaggerated killed numbers.
    just plain
    LIE in their fake news reports.

    To try and influence higher pay.
    He said there were even carefully orchestrated
    attacks on empty bases to make it look like
    it was a real attack.
    There is much resistance to actual attacks
    on US forces as the death rates are so high.
    They much prefer IEDs and remote denotation.
    As chance of getting killed is much smaller.
    If they can get enough fighters up for revenge
    then they do a direct attack on Americans.
    Or talk children into doing suicide attacks.

    He said Taliban administration in Pakistan
    is asking for helicopter traps, ways to draw in
    choppers as targets. And paying very good for them.

    Much of what he has said confirms why the
    fight for hearts and minds hasn't been going
    as well as expected, its like the Wall St Banks
    bribing the GOP for billionaire tax cuts, its not
    about good policy or belief system but just about
    bribes, profit motive. 'Hearts and Minds' don't work
    against bribes and payoffs.
    The Taliban are not a social movement, although
    they use social movements to recruit, they are
    more akin to the Mafia a criminal enterprise.
    And as a criminal syndicate you can't win
    their hearts and minds, they are governed by
    profits, cash, just criminals.

    A proof of concept: is the Taliban being bought off
    to allow supplies through to US forces to fight the
    Taliban. Higher priority is profits.
     Pay the Taliban to let through supplies to US troops used
    to kill them, the Taliban.
    The Taliban have no honor any more than other

    vs stopping the supplies for victory effort.
    Al Qaeda  is not about Islam. Bin Laden
    had the money and called the shots. The
    al qaeda oath says "you will not question
    the leadership" You can ask Allah questions,
    but not al qaeda.
    We pay, you don't ask any questions.
    The religion is just a front for recruiting
    the uneducated, for offering virgin boys 76
    women when the Taliban wastes their lives
    to fill their own pockets.

    The Taliban are the US Mafia of the 1920s.
    Criminals, they will do anything they are
    paid to do no matter how Hiram, how evil
    how anti-Islam it is, bombing market places,
    Mosques, killing women children, beheading.
    Holy, using Children as suicide bombers,
    religious just a front.

    They don't pick the market places, or Mosques
    to bomb, orders and money come from Pakistan.
    He didn't know the source for the money in
    Pakistan, but indicated they had gotten some
    military grade explosives, a large shipment,
    he did not know how large.

    The suicide bombers are Arabs, religious zealots,
    or addled brained drug users, and children they have
    bought and trained, depressed mental deficients
    and others focused on revenge. And you can earn a
    bonus for bringing in suicide recruits.

    The Taliban movement is supported by bribes,
    tricks, and money, its not a religious movement
    with any large following. But it is a source of
    jobs and income. The upper and mid level
    of the Taliban are millionaires unless they are

    Winning the hearts and minds is being derailed
    by Cash paid to criminals with out any morals.

    Because of the drones, pay for field commanders
    has doubled, few want the job. Its high pay
    for high risk, but some are tricked into serving
    for Free.

    Some Taliban are former warlords or wanta bee
    warlords and being Taliban gives them a license
    to become drug cartels, or Bank robbers, or
    kidnap innocent if they share the profits.

    He indicated the Taliban would kill him for
    exposing the inside of the Taliban, but he had
    enough money, and was angry at being cheated
    at every turn and Allah would want them exposed.

    Is he Taliban? Does he hold the position he claims?
    His location checks out, and he wanted his real identity
    to remain secret, which we support, we don't know his
    real identity either. While he had very specific claims
    to fraud and cheated time and again by Taliban
    we dissuaded him from giving details to protect
    his Id, and convinced him to burn the Taliban
    instead as retribution.

    We have shielded him from the Feds and the Taliban
    and his Government with secure, encrypted, cloaked
    Communications channel and shared his story with you.
    All files related to this operation have been erased to
    NSA standards, and the post is based on my memory.

    This new paradigm points to the importance of
    law enforcement actions to expose the Taliban for
    what they are CRIMINALS, and the importance of
    rooting out corruption in the courts and prisons.
    And a good argument for FBI training Afghan agents.
    Expanding the role of the FBI in Afghan.

    The Taliban leaders are not part of a religious movement
    just criminals acting under the burka of Islam.
    Taliban Millionaires defrauding the people of Afghan and Pakistan.
    ISI is supporting the Taliban criminal combine.
    For the right price the ISI can order the Taliban any where
    to attack any threat the ISI imagines.
    The Taliban have violated every law in the Qumran.
    The Taliban spits in the face of Allah daily.


    Gulbuddin Hekmatyar                                          Qari Hussain Mehsud.

    Azam Tariq.                                    Siraj Haqqani.

                      Mullah Nazir.


    Taliban motivation: killers for hire:
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 85 wanted militants


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