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    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    Mile markers:Off subject

    My Side door.

    Mile markers:

    Where did all the time go?

    I wanted to put out some mile markers of my
    life, not because they are important because
    they are not, as mundane as mud on a rainy day.

    But to exclaim them as sign posts.

    As a kid I can remember the old guy on our block
    always talking about the old times, boring,
    who cares about the gone by days, we
    would nod our heads when he started a story
    and look for a time to politely exit.

    I have become him.
    I know when I don't have enough real time
    in the real world, I start planing my conversations
    for when I see someone.

    I could be a happy hermit, I enjoy my company.
    And like my own jokes.
    The work I do keeps me up to 4 or 5am.
    and messes up my day time schedule.

    I try and get at least  6hrs sleep every 24 hrs.
    And sleep when I want, cat naps.

    I live in the house I was born in.
    And it a small city very clickly.
    Most people here wouldn't belong
    to any club that would have them as 
    a member.

    At 6 or 7 I remember the circus
    and the Fair
    coming to town on a train, and the
    whole family want down to watch it
    unload. My grandmother
    gave me $5 a day, a huge sum
    in those days, rides and food and shows
    all day long.

    I went to a small private school.
    And have kept all my text books,
    high school and college.
    Still have my 10th grade Latin
    text book. A nice used library.

    My first job paid 35 cents an hour,
    at the local theater as an usher.
    Enforcer to keep kids feet off backs
    of seats.

    On Wednesdays in the 9th grade
    I went to to the Taxi co basement
    for NRA target practice, they had
    single shot 22 rifles we would use
    for target practice, 50 foot range 50
    cents a week.

    Now they arrest first graders for making
    finger guns in school.
    The Nuns used rulers and slapped us
    when we got out of line, and I think
    this NO corporal punishment now
    leads to kids killing kids.
    Dad used a belt for discipline
    and his mom used a willow switch on him.
    Now kids get no constraints till they
    go to jail or are put on trial as kids as adults,
    where the State can KILL them.
    Boy has that paradigm got screwed up.

    And some times of the year, boys
    would bring hunting rifles to school,
    and their dads would pick them
    up right after school and head out
    deer hunting.

    My dad was a hunter and trapper,
    he would get up at 3am and run his trap
    lines before work.

    When he returned with the trapped dead
    animails beaver, fox, mink etc.
    He would wake me up and we would take
    them into the basement, where he would
    skin them and stretch the skins, and some
    of the meat we would also eat.
    I still have some of his traps and stretchers.

    The first few times, was hard for me to take
    it was grisley, you cut the sides and pealed
    the skins off, my job was to take the guts after
    he was finished and bury them in back yard.

    After the first time I helped him skin them,
    he marked me with blood on my cheeks,
    Indian like. I was quite proud and managed
    to sneak off to school with my markings to show
    the guys, the nuns had a fit and made me wash it off.

    My week ends were filled with the outdoors,
    hunting fishing tracking, camping boating swiming.

    I had a cousin that was 2hr away by bike and lived
    on the edge of a great park, his mom would pack
    a bag lunch for us and we would spend all day
    roaming the woods, tromping through the streams.

    He had a dog that got Cancer and his dad, my 
    uncle ask me to take care of him. I'd known the
    dog since they got it and it went with us into the park
    many times.

    Back in those days farmers didn't pay vets to put
    pets down, he asked me if I would, I was 12.
    I thought about it and said yes. God it was hard,
    I didn't know if I really had the guts.

    I viewed as one of the "manly" duties men perform.
    I spent all night thinking it out, so there would be 
    no mistakes. I chose a 22, and used a hallow point.
    I took the dog, rifle and a shovel.

    The dog was happy to be with me out on the
    low lands, where the land was soft and near the
    river. I dug a hole double the depth of this fat joyous
    dog and called him over to the hole and he sat right
    next to it, while crying I shot him between the eyes.
    And he fell right into the hole. He felt no pain,
    and his trusting eyes haunted me for a while,
    but I viewed as my duty and a sign I was growing
    up to be given this responsibility.

    I walked around the river for an hour till I quit crying,
    then came back, once fired the bullet couldn't be
    called back. I did the job I was assigned without
    any screw ups.

    In high school I had a few girlfriends, and a date,
    gas for the car, dinner, movie and snacks and ice cream
    after was less than $5. 
    My grandfather put that in perspective for me,
    he over heard i was going on a date, and pulled me
    aside and gave me a dime. He was in his 90s at the time.
    Guess dated were even cheaper in his time.

    My first new car was a AMC Gremlin and cost $1,900, monthly
    payment was $19.

    As a young boy 8 or 9 my grand parents used to
    go down town and park vertical on main street, to 
    meet all their friends, and show off their cars. After
    work at the factory.

    My G father was the General foreman a the factory,
    he and one other man was up for the job, 
    so they went into a freight car and fought for the job.
    The Factory HR wanted someone that could keep the
    men in line. 

    Dad always told me not to kill anything I didn't eat,
    and with my first BB gun, 400 psi, Christmas day I went 
    out hunting, I was about 9. 
    And came back with a pigeon.
    Dad and I went down into the basement
    and he cleaned and gutted it, and mom cooked it.
    Dad said it was a fine shot and was proud I brought
    some game home to eat, but convinced me
    not to hunt any more Pigeons, only bigger game.

    Cleaning rabbits, pheasants, partridge, fish, squirrel
    became my job, lots of newspaper for the blood and
    to wrap the guts in, Dad always cleaned the deer.

    As a young boy dad made me a 14 foot by 14 foot sand
    box 1 foot deep made me the most popular kid in the 

    Dad never finished 8 th grade but had a PHD in out
    doors. He bought me a set of enclopedias when I was 10
    and it took me 2 years to read them, Colliers. All 24.
    I wasn't that smart but I thought it was fun.

    Computers came in around my high school years.
    and I wanted one. and figured out how to make one.
    Now this was the era of the slide rule and i had several,
    and was very good with them, high technology at the time.
    There were no calculators at that time.

    I studied the binary system.
    And discovered it was 1 and 0.
    and 8 digits.

    So I got a set of 100 3 by 5 cards
    and punched out every binary number
    one to 100 on the cards.
    hole punch was a zero,
    and a double hole punch a slot near the
    top of the card was a one.

    So I could use a pencils in the holes
    to define my numbers, the pencil would
    pull out where the ones were, a slot
    and stay in the zeros, a hole.

    And using pencils I could calculate,
    add, subtract and multiply with my binary
    index cards.

    As a kid we loved to play war, 6 to about 12yrs old.
    All the kids would go behind the factory where there
    was a large woods with a stream leading to the river,
    the stream from the factory changed colors and no
    animals lived in it, all of us kids knew intuitively not
    to get any of that water on you. We went to war
    with BB guns, and shooting in the head was outlawed,
    no body ever told the adults what we were doing.
    The kids without BB guns brought a heavy glove,
    and would pick nettles, for whips. Which raised itchy
    welts. So we were all armed, and we had a hell of a good

    My Grandfather used to belong to a gang,
    and they used 410 shot guns with bird shot and
    leather jackets. No shooting at the head.

    The factory was running out of out door light 
    bulbs and then they came up with BB gun proof
    light bulbs, for real, I use up a whole tube of BBs testing

    I remember Mason Root beer, very high in carbonation,
    great for shaking and squirting each other.
    Pop was 7 cents a bottle.

    We would go out to play at sun up as kids during summer
    break from school, and come back around dark for supper.

    Now I think I have forgotten how to play, i go out
    and just see the yard work that needs to be done.



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