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    Saturday, March 19, 2011

    EXCLUSIVE: Paradigm Intel on Libyan Operation

    Our Paradigm Intel take on Libya war:

    The Arab league promoted the strike,
    but seem absent from the airwar?

    But the operation wouldn't have gone
    forward without definitive commitments.

    Secret commitments but substantial backing.

    For some of these ME countries it financial support. 
    Big bucks, for others its Arab speaking Delta force
    types under cover.

    And still others its an small army of no uniforms
    troops to support the demonstrators after the 
    strikes to Qaddafi forces to take out his
    ground troops.

    And maybe some countries supplying assassination
    teams hunting Qaddafi.

    And still others a substantial Intelligence force,
    spies to be the eyes and ears on the ground. 

    The US and collation forces know they can't
    win by air power alone. And wouldn't attempt
    the operation without full planing.

    We have confirmation of countries helping in secret,
    for their own reasons, and assurances its not only
    the Europeans and Americans in the fight.
    We may be looking at a new form of warfare,
    or an old form carried to completion.

    Subcontracting to other countries in secret.

    The interesting part is America will be blamed for
    not doing more.

    And if America put boots on the ground would be
    blamed for Oil, imperialancy.

    US is going to get Bitched at no matter what they do.
    But America is NOT doing "nothing", China, Russia.

    UPADATE: 03.24.11

    "NO terrorist in anti-QADDAFI FORCES."
    That takes some bodys boots on the Ground.

    Paradigm Intel: Collation forces telling
    demonstrators to hold in place till the "softening"
    up of Qaddafi forces finishes.

    Twitter as a Military Force:
     Tweet longitude Latitude, from Cell phone GPS, 
    For Collation target practice:

    Libya up date Map:
    Behind the scenes:
    Paradigm Intel:
    Obama wanted to wait to form collation before going in,
    because of the number of civilians being killed France went
    in alone, US moved right away to support, straighten out collation
    problems later, priority was civilian lives.
    Now they are sorting out collation problems. G

    Qaddafi's location?
    In a tent:

    In a tent... Lat- 32.79708730158076 Long- 12.536773681640625 ???  

     How Field treat Battle war wounds, FIRST AID Arabic - Internet

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