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    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Major Game Plan refocus, defeating the Taliban.

    New Afpak paradigms.

    First a paradigm shift:
    Taliban breaking under drone pressure.
    Current actions point to Taliban desperations.
    Bombing Mosques, Shrines and public.

    The US paradigm is to win the hearts and
    minds. Trying to keep civilian casualties
    to a minimum.

    Taliban know they are running out of time
    and have switched their paradigm.
    No longer trying to win hearts and minds,
    but adopting the Russian model.
    COIN US Vs Russia brand of counterinsurgent
    tactics, matching brutality/ brutality, not to win 
    hearts and minds,more to exhaust the Chechens.
    Minimum civilian casualties no longer a goal
    for the Taliban, its just propaganda.
    Civilian deaths are part of their WAR paradigm.

    Taliban now looking to exhaust Paki 
    and Afgahn people.

    The  punish schoolgirls by throwing acid in their face, poisoning classes, and shooting students & teachersp.

    This is having some success.
    "Last point: every attack this size should buy at least a five week moratorium on the phrase "do more" from the US. I understand that they have serious concerns about a potential terrorist attack emanating from Waziristan, and consequently want Pakistan to take more action against militants. But Pakistan is not dealing with "potential" attacks. It is dealing, every week, with real, live attacks. Taking more action invites more blowback, it's that simple."
    The Afpak Gov Info War should exploit this shift in Taliban paradigm.
    Taliban is waging a limited war on civilians.
    While the Taliban Info War is running a 'hearts and mind' paradigm.
    The Taliban Info War paradigm is at odds with actual operations.
    Long term this shift is self defeating, short term its just desperate.

    Second new paradigm.

    Both the Afgha and Paki governments are at war
    with the Taliban on some levels.

    One of the Taliban's strengths 
    is the use of the Stealth Border
    between Afghan and Pakistan.

    This advantage can be denied the Taliban by a Joint Afghan/ Pakistan 
    cross border task force. With direct connections to both Afghan 
    and Paki Military. And the ability to cross Afpak borders in pursuit 
    of the Taliban.

    This Joint Cross Border Taks Force JCBTF is crucial in denying
    Taliban safe havens in either Afghan or Paki.
    Task Force combined joint unified AfPak Military Troops.
    One Task force with both Afghan and Paki troops,
    in same unit. Bases on both sides of border.
    Authority to cross border at will in pursuit of
    Taliban for this joint Military Unit.
    From Afghan into Paki or
    from Paki into Afghan in hot pursuit
    of Taliban.
    Field Command switches depending 
    on which side of the border they
    are on.

    Major Game Plan refocus, defeating the Taliban.

    War Anthropologist

    I'd give anything to get into the Afpak theater
    to do some direct observation, Talk to
    the people and Taliban prisoners.
    To immerse myself in the environ,
    to get the pulse of the indigenous.

    To Talk, live in Afghan, Anthropologically to suck the brains of Taliban, get  the flavor first hand. Get into their heads, swim in their paradigm.
    Talk to the people and Taliban prisoners. TO DO SOME PARTICIPANT OBSERVATION, get a person to person read, on a professional basis,
    I'd give anything, get to Afpak theater do some direct observation,immerse myself in the environ, get the pulse of the indigenous.ANYTHING.

    Me myself and I



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