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    Friday, November 26, 2010

    Lessons NOT learned NK, Iran

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    Disconnect USA and S.Korea

    Kim Tae-young tried to resign over the Cheon-an torpedoing but was refused.  
    Then when the Island was hit with many salvos o it was revealed that counter-fire didn't happen for 13 minutes, that was it, he was fired or resigned.

    Obama congratulated S.Korea on its restraint.

    NK barracks was hit, unknown casualties.  Their barracks are all targeted as the first counter-fire assignment.  Artillery is a secondary target.  The S Korean attack was made by mobile rocket launchers that immediately go back in their caves, so counter-fire is ineffective except by UAV Hellfire.

    Does S.Korea have a right to self defense?
    Will N.Korea continue strikes as there is no payback?
    Kind of like Iran vs USA, hostages, Exporting IEDs, funding

    What will S.Korea do after N.Korea's next strike?
    Nothing again?
    There is no lesson for N.Korea to learn here.
    Again and again they have struck with impunity.
    The only thing N.Korea has learned: Just like
    Iran is they can get away with it.




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