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    Friday, October 15, 2010

    Taliban vs US Military 10 yrs.

    How is the Taliban and al qaeda standing up to
    the most powerful Army ever in the history of the
    world? For 10 years?


    An Army general has summed up the military challenge in Afghanistan: "We can't kill our way out of this thing."
    Maj. Gen. John Campbell commands Regional Command East (R.C. East) along the border with Pakistan, an insurgent heartland and one of the hottest areas in Afghanistan. As the general said at a Wednesday press conference, the environment in R.C. East is, using the contemporary vernacular, "very, very kinetic. If you go up into Kunar [province], up into the Pech River Valley, they're fighting every single day up there ... very, very kinetic to this day."
    Why can't the US kill the enemy?
    Why can't they kill their way out of Afghan
    How have they been able to get recruits
    to replace the dead for 10 years?
    Where do they get the recruits?
    What paradigm are they using ?


    VOA has gotten on board, in a big way, recently.

    the insurgents Producing a steady stream of
    propaganda and lies thru Media,
    Mosques, madrassas, Radio,
    night letters, TV and the Internet.
    Just this year the US military has addressed
    the issue of radios for the Ummah.

    The insurgents are better at getting their version
    out than the US is at getting its version out.
    They typically produce battle vids with causalities
    10 to 100 times actual damages.

    And vids and allegations on the Internet 15 min 
    to 30 min after the battle.
    Sometimes the US doesn't respond for a month
    to Taliban allegations.
    And for that month the Taliban allegations stand
    without the truth.

    They don't lose battles they have martyrs..
    And claim the martyrs as a victory
    They blame the CIA for the civilians they
    kill, and even though 72% don't like the
    Taliban they continue to get recruits.
    And they put out their propaganda in 
    all of the indigenous languages.

    Ahmed Quraishi is a good example
    of propaganda arm. Blatant lies. opinions
    presented as facts, and misstatement and 
    misleading headlines. And lack of sources.
    I've signed up 3 times to post on the site
    and each time my registration has been

    If the US can disconnect this propaganda
    machine they can interrupt the flow of recruits.

    But does Info War work?
    Well its all about winning the hearts and minds.
    And the Taliban and al Qaeda seem to be having 
    some success with it, standing up to the most
    powerful military the world has ever seen with
    just a few farmers and business men and Imams.
    And WWII grade weapons. No Armour, no air force,

    Leaving the Taliban and insurgent web sites
    up may lead to intelligence collection but
    it also leads to never ending file of recruits
    and independent, spontaneous attacks in
    the US.
    US is allowing insurgent recruiting by
    tacit approval, leaving the web sites up.

    You are collecting Intel on insurgent operations
    you have enabled by leaving the insurgent web
    sites up.

    If we at Internet Anthropologist can take sites
    down than so can the Intelligence community.
    The insurgent sites are up with the tacit approval
    of US intelligence agencys.

    Make up your minds, stop the half measures.
    Interdicting attacks looks good in the press,
    but wouldn't it be better to cut down the attacks?

    Internet Anthropologist

    The Military has a doctrine for this, "Over whelming force"
    In this case it should be a paradigm of "Over Whelming
    Truly Shock and awe (technically known as rapid dominance) 
    in the Info WAR.



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