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    Sunday, October 17, 2010

    Stuxnet 3.0 most powerful weapon EVER.

    Stuxnet 3.0 most powerful weapon EVER.
    The Ultimate War Weapon.

    The delivery package is what makes stuxnet
    so insidious. It can invade PCs and control
    systems NOT connected to the WWW.

    Stuxnet 3.0 is super stealthy, with more
    unknown day  one exploits.

    The payload function is key.
    The Super worm can change out, swap

    What are some of the payloads?
    The current one is configured to
    take over various control systems
    for reactors and centrifuges.

    Others are configured to bring down,
    or take CONTROL of:
    Phone systems,
    TV,cable systems.
    Military C2 systems
    Missile systems
    Air Traffic control systems,
    Nuclear launch systems,
    specific manufacturing systems.

    I'm sure the owners have not
    developed payloads for all of
    these functions, yet.

    But stuxnet has the capability
    to control anything connected 
    to a computerized control system.

    Stop a nuclear missile launch or 
    redirect it back to the attacker's 

    Or issue false military orders.
    Withdraw enemy troops, move 
    them around, control enemy 
    troops through their command 
    and control systems.
    Order them to surrender.

    Deploy Info war on local TV,
    or even news papers and cell
    phone networks.

    Download enemy Intelligence
    agencys secret files, and countermand
    orders. Or order assets deployed for
    US interests.

    Listen in on strategic planning,
    even change enemy "Rules of Engagement".

    Or launch cyber war from enemys 
    cyber war operations center using
    their assets.

    This is a World changing weapon.
    And the change is underway.




    UPDATE JAN 15 2014

    NEW stuxnet is a IPT worm invisible persistent threat.

    And NSA is using radio waves to breach air gapped
    net works.

    NSA dominates its DOMAIN, a spy agency,what does the world expect from the WORLDS preeminent Intelligence Agency? G  


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