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    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    This could bring al Qaeda down

    Rusty over at Jawa Reports has picked up on a interesting 

    We've speculated about this behind the scenes and hinted at it here, but I pointed this out to AllahP yesterday and he makes note of it today. It's worth another post because this LA Times piece seems to confirm -- or, at least, give some credence to -- our earlier speculation that the capture of an al Qaeda courier might have inadvertently given Mullah Baradar's location away.

     I'm building my post on his hypothesis and adding
    some Intel and pushing it with Paradigm Intel.

    The al Qaeda cult had the most number 
    and good quality hackers.

    We hunted them all.

    Their hackers were above script
    kiddies, and good social engineers,
    and huge egos. And had a good
    working knowledge of the criminal
    paradigm on the Internet.

    "Irhabi 007" was the reason our
    worked switched to counter terrorism.

    I've worked as an Internet Anthropologist
    for over 12 years now and I went to where
    the money was. For a while we were doing
    Internet investigations.

    I was working a cyber detective agency,
    tracking down Internet crooks.

    I read what "Irhabi 007" was doing
    and his actions and I knew we could
    track him with iur BSU's , and knew there would be more 
    terrorist Internet personnel along shortly.

    Todate we have publicly admitted to burning 
    over 45 al Qaeda cult and Taliban webmasters 
    and hackers, and posted their real IPs and locations.
    ( some of the older readers will remember
    all the skull and cross bones across the
    top of my blog, it was slowing down the 
    page lode, G )

    Well the al Qaeda went to the Internet
    not as a strategic plan, but as a last resort.
    They couldn't use mail or phones any more,
    so as a means of communication they fell
    back to the Internet. When they were denied
    secure phones.

    And after many years they felt they couldn't
    trust the Internet either, and fell back
    to messengers.

    ( even though the Internet is 10x safer than
    human messengers. G )

    Most recently their videos were released
    to "news sources" first, not to the forums first.
    As they not understanding the WWW feel it isn't

    Which is why they reverted to posting something
    on the forums about changing phone numbers and
    locations  to the chain of command, it was the fastest
    and most efficient method.

    The old messenger system reverting to WWW
    in emergency.

    US and Paki caught one of these couriers.
    Paper lists, names addresses phone numbers,
    accounts, chain of command etc.

    And expect more action shortly.

    This could bring al Qaeda down,
    and open the door for USA to go 





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