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    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Iran's FEARS:

    Iran's FEARS:

    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Observations of the other:

    Iran both respects and fears USA.

    USA has not treated Iran well.

    And Muslims have their own cultural
    paranoias. And Iran's Shiite's especially
    the 13 th Imam clan are levels above
    in terms of paranoia.

    Abberjonny over compensates for his
    fears of both his and Irans feelings of
    inadequacy with empty threats and 
    extreme hyperbole.

    They did declare and herbal cure for

    This over compensation is a form of 
    FEAR relieve, and actually stress relief. 

    This was most recently demonstrated
    in the announcement of the "Punch"
    for the West. on the 11th.

    The "Punch" was telegraphed on the 8th
    notifying the IAEA they were going to
    start enrichment to 20%, and ask them
    to be present.

    Iran is still crossing all the "T's" and 
    dotting the "i"s.
    And that is very important.
    They are still working with in "the"

    There is some fear there.

    And Iran is crossing a great divide.
    Iran's intellectual growth has been remarkable,
    they have experienced cultural shocks that 
    have crippled other societies.

    Iran's culture has moved quickly from
    something almost out of the 1800's era
    to the 1950's in a very few generations.
    They adapted, in Afghan the Taliban are 
    trying to turn time back to the 1800's
    as a result of culture shock.

    The Shah did rush Iran into the 1950's.
    And without a huge bloody war the Iranian
    people switched from a Monarchy to a kind 
    of theocracy which wants Nukes.

    The Persians are remarkable, but
    why did they chose this course and 

    Looking at even Iran's recent history
    we may see some of the reasons for this

    If we just take it as a given US didn't 
    do well for the Iranian people during 
    the Shah, which may be before some
    of the even older generations memories,
    they have reasons for concern.

    The US took in the Shah for medical reasons.
    And refused to let the Iranian doctors examine

    Iran seized the American Embassy and
    took the Americans hostage.
    An act of WAR.

    But it was Carter, and Zbigniew  Brzezinski .

    US backed the Shah.
    They gave the Rezā Shāh PahlaviShah of Iran confused signals about
    the developing civil war, refused to let the new regime check the Shah's
    health when they gave him entrance to US. 

    He didn't stop the Iraq invasion of Iran when they had a solution to
    the hostage situation in hand.

    And finally didn't condemn Iraq for using chem weapons against Iran
    and voted in UN against sanctions on Iraq for use of chem weapons against

    Iran had committed a seminal violation of US sovereignty in seizing
    the US embassy and took hostages. For 444 days,
    and Iran didn't get their asses kicked, which they expected,
    they expected to pay a price for this they didn't and this confused the hell out of them.

    And the al Qaeda cult pulls a 911.

    And the worlds biggest dog
    just shit on the neighbors yard,
    ( Iraq ) cause they were bad, Iran
    had been at war with Iraq for 7 years
    and it had been a draw.
    And this big dog just put in new owners
    in the house in 100 hours, but the kids like them.

    And next door the dog attacked for
    911,just 15 hours after 911 attack and drove
    the Taliban out and has
    been fighting them for 8 years. ( Afghan )

    And behind them those neighbours have
    nukes, but even then the big dog fires
    missiles at al Qaeda in the neighbours yard.
    ( Pakistan )

    But the Persians understand retribution.
    And this supplies some succor and

    And Iran thinks a gun might help protect 
    them, ( nuke ) against the dog, but Iran
    has been talking out loud in the neighborhood
    about shooting and killing the neighbors across 
    the street ( Israel ). Who do own many guns.

    And the Iranians have been providing shivs and knifes
    to the neighbor gangs, Hamas, Iraq resistance, Taliban
    in Afghan ( IEDs ) and big rocks to Syria.
    And there is fear among all the neighbors they might
    start selling guns to the gangs, then every house will
    want a gun ( nuke).

    But these guns ( nukes) can kill millions of people.

    And talking, visiting and trading to the psychotic neighbors on the other side of town
    who might be selling guns ( N. Korea ). 

    And the big dog has told them they can't have a
    gun. And has even blocked off some of their checking accounts.
    And the big dog will blow up anywhere they put a gun.

    There must be a way the big dog can provide
    security assurances for the Iranian house in the middle of all this.
    Where they maybe don't feel they need a gun.

    Ad Magnum

    Yes I know its over simplified but I think the flavor is right.




    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    don't worry about iran.theirs is a 5000 yr.old civilization [i think u were then yet-apes.... sorry,darwin is ur pride ] zionists will end u.or u will self destruct. your 500yrs.of colonization of america started declining 1992.god sees the truth but waits,beleive me 500 god's timescale...........:speak the truth then trust in god.i suggest u read "end of israel in 2022 by bassam jarrar" on net... israel and U.S.will drown together leg-pulling one-another..god bless all the rest,the humans...

    5:20 AM  

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