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    Tuesday, February 02, 2010

    Supreme court moves to end violence in terrorism:

    Supreme court moves to end violence in terrorism:

    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Are they genius or is this the application of the Law of unintended consequences?

    The Supreme Court gave Corporations First Amendment rights.
    This ruling could end terrorist violence, as a means of terrorist trying to influence the US Government.

    By a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court in Citizens United found the governmental interest in deterring the corruptive influence of unlimited corporate election expenditures not to be sufficient to outweigh any First Amendment interest in protecting a corporate right to free speech, a right already amply safeguarded by permitting corporations to spend freely through their political action committees. 
    In granting to corporations the same First Amendment rights as the Constitution affords to individual citizens.
    Osama Bin Laden never has been the smartest guy in his cult but
    has been single mindedly obsessed with attacking the West.
    To get the West to change its ways.

    And the Supreme court has ruled in Binnys favor.

    The American Paradigm for governance has been opened for Al Qaeda.

    We have much evidence of the control of Congress by special interest groups.

    American Banks fraud in the sale of fraudulently AAA rated toxic sub-prime paper,
    and how they were to de-Regulate the Banking industry, even
    allow loan sharking 460% interest rates, and block shareholders from
    controlling multiple billion dollar bonus's paid to Banking officers.

    Or the Republican propaganda tea baggers for making Health plans
    for all Americans a BAD thing, after paying the American Banks 
    3 Trillion USD for their debacle.

    Or how the Insurance Companys have deregulated price fixing
    rules and bought out all the not for Profit Insurance Cos, Blue cross and

    All the terrorist have to do is open a Corporation and start buying off
    congressmen. No more violence, just results from the Lobbyist.

    American history is loaded with examples of special interest groups
    paying off Congress, and the new Supreme Court ruling opens the 
    door for the al Qaeda to influence Congress and de-regulate 
    the laws and actions of the US Government they don't like.

    Of course the al Qaeda cult won't take advantage of the door
    the Supreme court opened, as al Qaeda cult isn't about 
    addressing supposed wrongs of the US Government but
    is a cult promoting Bin Laden's personality cult in the name of

    The Islamic radicals never have been to smart about world
    politics as they are stuck in a time warp in the 1700's.

    In time we will see Islamic radicals with lobbyists, huge 
    TV commercials, and legal bribes to US Congressmen.
    And big corporations driving their agendas in USA.
    The door has been opened, but they may not be smart
    enough to walk through, they will remain dependent on
    ineffective violence, that gets a lot of press but has very 
    little influence in USA.

    The Supreme Court of USA has opened the door
    to effective influence of congress, making violence

    Making bribing Congress an equal opportunity
    for even foreigners and former violent Terrorists.

    A new paradigm by the American Supreme Court.


    The Supreme Court just opened a BIG
    new door in the Info WAR.
    Paradigm generated, awaiting deployment.
    Dumb asses.
      Congress to Fix Supreme Court ERROR.




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