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    Sunday, January 31, 2010

    Internet Security: NOT

    Internet Security:

    Mcafee has an interesting report based on Major user
    experiences and opinions,

    Uniquely, the report is based on data from a survey of 600 IT and security executives in enterprises that own and/or operate critical infrastructure in 14 countries across the world. The survey data gathered for the report paints for the first time a detailed picture of the way those charged with the defense of critical IT networks are responding to cyber-attacks, attempting to secure their systems and working with governments.

    Eighty percent reported SCADA systems
    were connected to IP networks or the
    Internet, despite the risks involved.

    To download the report, please visit the following link:

    And they have concluded security is poor.
    And there is no Internet Police.

    Each is left to his own means of protecting themselves.
    The village concept applies.
    Each PC is a home or business in a small town.
    Most have locks on the doors.
    And most have glass windows.
    If some one wants to get in they can.

    But in the village concept there are Police,
    that come and collect evidence and investigate. 
    and will pursue the perps, arrest them jail them 
    and put them on trial.

    That paradigm barely applies to the PC world.
    You can report a cyber crime but NOTHING gets
    There are no cyber police to act as deterrent.

    ID theft is more rampant than most suspect.
    And once your ID is stolen it is subject to repeated
    thefts FOREVER.

    The key agencys in place to stop ID theft do nothing.
    The credit agencys will not tell you if someone takes
    out a $200,000 mortgage in your 3 yr old daughters name.
    Or several personal loans for thousand of dollars.
    The credit agencys have the capability to kill most
    ID theft dead in its tracks, the ability to stop 80% 
    of ID theft, but they don't, they collect your information
    and are aiding and abetting ID theft just by errors of omission.
    They simply don't tell you if your ID has been stolen.

    Of course if your have 3 kids they will tell you if you pay
    $10 a month per child and for the husb and wife.
    $50 a month for the avg family, for LIFE.
    To protect your data they collect.
    Thats $10,800 for the family for just 18 years.

    And the population of USA is 300 million.
    Thats $120 a year per person,  or
    $36 billion a year for ever to notify you by
    email about your ID theft using YOUR information
    they have in their records.

    We expect our front line PCs will be infiltrated.
    And act accordingly.
    Our back line PCs are not connected to the Internet,
    they have to break in and beat my ass to get at 
    that data.

    Internet Security will not be taken seriously till 
    there is a Cyber Pearl Harbor in USA resulting
    in many deaths.

    Then the Government will pour in money for
    new security methods and rules and regulations.

    The cyber threat from terrorist is currently minimal
    and the world is wasting time while terrorist build that
    capability or partnership with Internet Criminals
    that do currently have that capability.

    Unfortunately the US counter threat paradigm
    will not kick in till there is a cyber 911.

    And our paradigm Intel places that attack 3 to 5 years

    The world needs a cyber police force to act like
    cops across borders to pursue the crooks.

    RIAA the retarded music association has set up
    that paradigm, they got $2 million for a $24 
    internet shoplifting case.

    As much as they disgust me they have demonstrated the proof 
    of concept, Internet Police.


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    Settlement Rejected in ‘Shocking’ RIAA File Sharing Verdict

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