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    Thursday, December 03, 2009

    The Federal Reserve is Suspect:

    The Federal Reserve is Suspect:
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Paradigm Intel on the Federal Reserve Corp.
    The Federal Reserve is a Corporation.
    Ben S. Bernanke is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.
    Its members, stockholders are the national banks
    of the USA.

    Now the Federal Reserve Corporation web site is misleading and
    less than honest by errors of omission. They do not say
    they are a corporation, and give the impression they
    are an independent part of the Government.
    They are not part of the Government.
    Congress gets a report from the Fed twice a year.
    And Congress can change the laws the Federal Reserve
    operates under.

    These same banks that ran the toxic paper sub-prime
    paper scam are the stock holders of the Federal Reserve.
    The stock holders of the Federal Reserve brought
    about the current world depression. ( I ain't over yet. G )

    The same Banks engaging in criminal mafia type interest
    rates on credit cards 30% and payday loans, 402%.
    The FBI used to put the Mafia in prison for charging
    that kind of Interest rates.

    The Federal Reserve Corporation is charged with duties
    of protecting the consumer.
    And they have been a complete failure in that
    regard. Congress is looking to give Consumer Protection
    to a new agency, taking it away from the Federal Reserve.

    The Federal Reserve Corporation gave the Banks, their stock holders
    $2.4 trillion dollars, in the liquidly scare the same Banks caused.
    The Federal Reserve gave the National Banks $2.4 Trillion Dollars.
    To bail them out from the sub-prime debacle the banks created.
    With out approval from any body. Not even Congress.
    More than twice as much as for the new Health Bill.

    Now on CNBC or CNN I heard the war cost for Afghanstan was
    about a Trillion dollars for 10 years.

    And the Federal Reserve just gave the Banks, their stock holders
    enough money to run the Afghan war for 24 more years.
    No strings attached, no reporting.

    The Rederal Reserve Corporation said the Banks,
    the Federal Reserve stock holders were too big to break up. Hmmm.

    And they allow the Criminal National Banks to carry the toxic
    sub-prime paper on their books at 100% of value.
    When the real vlue may be as little as 30%.

    The banks are allowed in effect to cary two sets of books,
    one showing the sub-prime paper at 100% of value.
    And another set of secret books NO ONE sees with the
    true value on the balance sheets.

    20% of the total National Debt was cause by these banks,
    20% of the total National Debt was paid to these National
    Banks by the Federal Reserve. $2.4 trillion.
    National Debt is 12 Trillion.

    Did the Fed have to pay this money to the Banks to stop
    a meltdown in the credit markets? Maybe.
    The Banks stopped lending to each other because no body
    knew the real value of the other banks the bank was going to
    lend to, hense the credit crunch. Two sets of books.

    The Banks Credit Card Cos, pioneered the American consumer
    paradigm away form "The customer is always right" and steered
    it to " How much can the Banks legally screw the customer".

    American National banks have been involved in a criminal conspiracy
    to rob the American people , Mafia interest rates, scam sub-prime
    paper, even changed the Bankruptcy laws so the could make bad
    loans to consumers and collect from that consumers life time
    income stream or from the estate when they DIE.

    These are the same criminals that are the stockholders of the
    Federal Reserve, Ben S. Bernanke is their chairman.

    If the Banks are a criminal enterprise is the Chairman of their
    Corporation criminal?

    Additionally no law or regulation has yet been passed to prevent
    the Banks from pulling another sub-prime paper scam.

    So much for the Federal Reserve working for the people as
    an independent branch of the Government, BS.

    Series 7 and 13
    Anthropologist, ad Magnum




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