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    Wednesday, November 18, 2009

    Pirate Gerald Araggg

    However, Roger Middleton, a piracy expert at the London-based think tank Chatham House, said the international maritime community was still "solidly against" armed guards aboard vessels at sea, but that American ships have taken a different line than the rest of the international community.

    "Shipping companies are still pretty much overwhelmingly opposed to the idea of armed guards," Middleton said. "Lots of private security companies employee people who don't have maritime experience. Also, there's the idea that it's the responsibility of states and navies to provide security. I would think it's a step backward if we start privatizing security of the shipping trade."

    Maybe they can get Roger Middleton to fly flags on all their ships,

    With a rifle and a cross thru it.

    That would solve the problem of attacks on American ships.

    While the American ships sport rifles.

    I still like the idea where shooting pirates from a ship they

    are attacking is a tourist sport.

    Few 50 cals would end this crap.

    If the pirates suffer no losses, then to them they are just fishing.

    Just keep trying.

    If they start suffering significant losses they will quit.

    I like HOT pursuit also even on to land.

    Back them with Marines.

    Why kid gloves with Pirates???

    Kick their ass.





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