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    Tuesday, November 03, 2009

    Hague to charge American Banks

    The House Financial Services committee meets. ...Image via Wikipedia

    Hague to charge American Banks soon?

    Bank Lobbyist controlling Congress.
    Since the Bank's toxic sub-prime paper debacle
    not one new regulatory law has been

    The Banks can still do it all over again.

    The banks got $2.7 Trillion dollars
    from the Feds. for their misdeeds.
    ( and the Republicans don't what
    to give 1/3 that amount for Americans
    to have access to health care. G )

    CIT Bank just lost Billions
    of the taxpayer funds from the
    bail out Congress gave them.

    Since Congress is impotent
    when it comes to banking regs.
    maybe the Hague Courts,
    "Crimes Against Humanity"

    Caused World Wide Depression.

    They did almost bring down
    the World Banking community.

    While the sub-prime debacle
    didn't cripple America, it did
    wound us.

    10% unemployment for USA.

    "American Banks charged
    with "Crimes against Humanity"
    in the Hague World Court."

    Some one should hurry up and
    break them up before someone
    serves them.

    Send the Loan Sharking Bank CEO's
    to a Grand Jury.

    Can you spell Indictments?

    If Congress won't regulate them,
    maybe the Justice Dept. can arrest
    some of them?


    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Greenspan father of the Sub-prime debacle


    CIT files bankruptcy, tax payers to loose Billions

    CIT's move will wipe out current holders of its common and preferred stock, likely meaning the U.S. government will lose the $2.3 billion it sunk into CIT last year to prop up the ailing company.

    (Jeffrey M. Peek of CIT Group, the major small-business lender now in bankruptcy, received about $100,000 RAISE this year. G)

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