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    Sunday, November 01, 2009

    Afpak Info war failure

    See map below:

    Afpak Info war failure

    We're not getting through' to Pakistanis, Clinton says
    BY SAEED SHAHMCCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS ISLAMABAD -- After three days of encounters with America-bashing Pakistanis - who rejected her contention that the U.S. and Pakistan face a common enemy -

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday that "we're not getting through."Prominent women and tribesmen from the North West Frontier Province delivered the same hostile message that she'd heard the two preceding days from students and journalists: Pakistanis aren't ready to endorse American friendship despite an eight-year-old anti-terrorism alliance between the countries and a multibillion-dollar new U.S. aid package.

    Clinton put her case directly to the public Friday in televised appearances in Islamabad, the Pakistani capital, fielding angry questions about the alleged activities of U.S. contractor Blackwater in Pakistan, the tough conditions that came with a $1.5 billion-a-year American aid package and alleged U.S.

    favoritism toward Pakistan's archenemy, India.One tribesman bluntly told her: "Your presence in the region is not good for peace.""We are fighting a war that is imposed on us. It's not our war. It is your war," journalist Asma Shirazi told Clinton during the women's meeting. "You had one 9-11. We are having daily 9-11s in Pakistan."Clinton later told CNN that she was well aware of the "pretty negative situation" in Pakistan before she got here. "I wanted to have these interactions. ... I don't think the way you deal with negative feelings is to pretend they're not there ... or just come with happy talk."

    "The problem is that we want American dollars but we, as a country, hate Americans," Abida Hussain, a former Pakistani ambassador to Washington, told McClatchy Newspapers. "We're not perfect, but we want the Americans to be perfect.

    "While Pakistanis are opposed to religious extremists, polls have shown a general refusal to acknowledge that al-Qaida and its allies are directing the bloodshed.Many ordinary people appear willing to believe a claim that the Pakistani Taliban made Friday that Blackwater had carried out a devastating car bombing of a market this week in the northwestern city of Peshawar that killed more than 100 people. Pakistani officials previously had pinned the blame on Islamic militants.



    I was very pleased to hear Clinton say "We're not getting through"instead of "their not getting it".

    Taliban kill 100+ with suicide bombers and the Taliban blame Blackwater,and the Pakis believe them.The paradigm points to a fundamental basic failure in the Americans info war efforts.The terrorist are successfully blaming USA for their terrorist attacks and those lies are being believed.

    The terrorist have hundreds or thousands of FM stations,and a strong propaganda effort on the Internet.They reach the small hamlets with the FM stations and'the big cities with the Internet Propaganda.They have a dual stealth border,See map :

    In the center of the map is the Durand line.Afghan on one side, Paki on the other.And the non-official Pashtun state surrounding the area. For the most part the Pashtuns ignore the border, except when running from Pakior Afghan forces, then they use it for escapeand evasion.

    The Taliban opperate for this Pashtun state with immunity from both Afghan and Paki.By using the Durand line border for protection.USA is not getting through the Pashtun/Taliban cultural barrier.

    They are not only not being heard, but when they are heard they are not believed.Different strategics paradigms are being used on both
    sides of the border, anti insurgent on the Afghan side and anti terrorist on the Paki side. The different paradigms are caused fromthe different politics on each side of the Durand border.

    USA has no troops on the Ground in Paki and are limited to anti terror paradigm, Drones.On the Afghan side of the border USA has troops on the ground and can work an anti Insurgent paradigm.There are two sets of Taliban, so to speak.

    Omars in Afghan and the Taliban in Paki.But they are both the same Taliban,living in the same Pashtun area.The Taliban have multiple lines of
    effort (only one line is violence).

    Another line of war effort is their Info WAR.
    USA has neither the structure or the cultural
    bonfides to compete with the Taliban effort.
    C2 for the Taliban is a function of time and space.
    While USA has been atrit-ing the combat forces,
    they have just recently targeted the Info war troops.
    We have been providing the IP's and locations
    for the Info war troops.

    And as long as USA is loosing the Info War,
    hey can't win the combat war.
    The Info War supplies the never ending
    supply of combat troops and keeps moral
    up in the face of devastating battle field losses.

    "violence is integral to all
    phases of insurgency. It is merely used at a level appropriate to the situation to eliminate resistance and government presence so that insurgent politics can produce mass and resource mobilization.”

    ( lost the source for quote above, G )
    And with the Taliban their Infowar provides deniablity for their terrorism acts against their own

    "It sought to emphasize “why we

    fight” programs and actions to build legitimacy that would allow enhanced national mobilization. Not surprisingly, “why we fight” remains the heart of the challenges the United States faces around the globe. It is significant that the most salient illustration of an answer— transparent and effective governance by a democratic, market economy state—has been provided by Colombia, a country in which the United States has been intimately involved since World War II. Bogota grasped the heart of the matter and built success. That success first came from a sound assessment of the flawed adoption of the people’s war approach by FARC within a rapidly changing, global situation, through mobilizing strengths of a democratic order. The strategy of “Democratic Security” used lines of effort that neutralized FARC’s own strategy and operational art even as popular mobilization swamped the insurgents.

    operational art. As a result, it is a balanced, multifaceted response, appropriate to the local level, however defined, that will produce victory. Armed reform must be the counter to revolutionary warfare. Success is never merely protection of the status quo, but the building of a new world that is superior to the vision advanced by the revolutionary challenger. Mao would be the first to admit that the devil is in the details, but he would conclude that tactics are meaningless in the absence of sound strategy and operational art driven by an accurate and penetrating analysis of the conflict."

    In Afpak the Info War thrust comes fromone paradigm in Afghan and another in Paki.And those countries have different levelsof credibility with the indigenous populations.Only the Taliban have a unified communicationsparadigm, and are culturally close to the indigenouspopulation, a cultural barrier that must be brokebefore they will believe the TRUTHs and not theTaliban lies, Blackwater indeed.

    View from the Other : How bad it is; A must READ:

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