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    Sunday, October 04, 2009

    Al-Falluja forum, German attack

    Re: Bushra approaching major strikes and thankfully
    To the Infidel Nation of Germany:

    We Grant You for the Third Time the Determination of the Promised Day

    In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful Gracious

    To Muslims in Germany and outside of Germany we say:

    Peace upon you, an Allah mercies and blessings.

    For the infidel crusader nation of Germany we say:

    Before the elections, Shaykh Osama Bin Laden (may Allah protect him) and Brother Abu Talha said to you: Peace be upon those who follow guidance.

    After the elections we say to you: Death be upon you, death be upon those who want war.

    A lot of you Germans saw on the TV screens the black days which passed upon London, Madrid, New York and Washington.

    The black Tuesday of New York and Washington; which the entire world still remember it.

    The black Tuesday of Madrid; which everyone remember.

    And the black Thursday of London; which everyone remember.

    Surely, these arrogant nations were not warned about the attacks or its days, contrariwise to you as we gave you the choice, and you chose blood, corps and destruction. We determined for you the time period, and this is a gift your brothers in Madrid and London will envy you for.

    But, we will bestow another gift upon you for the third time, and we will determine the date for you.

    We originally planned to give you the choice to determine it yourself, but we decided to choose it for you carefully and precisely.

    How about Sunday? It is a beautiful day, and a holiday for you as of others who follow your religion!

    After we choose Thursday for London, Tuesday for New York, Washington and Madrid, we are choosing Sunday for you. Is it going to be a beautiful day?

    Sunday ../10/2009


    Sunday ../10/2009


    Sunday ../10/2009

    Sorry, we will not grant you for a fourth time and tell you when. Surely, we did determine it.

    One thing left, the city we will attack.

    Is Berlin going to wear the colors of New York? Or other cities will have this honor? Like: Bonn, Frankfurt, Hamburg, or it might just be [.................]

    Angela Merkel, surely you had the toast of victory. We promise you, you will drink it over and over but this time it will have a different taste and color. This time the glass will be filled with the blood of your people who elected you and chose war.

    Oh, do you know how to ****? Do you do it frequently?

    Sunday is a good day to practice such hobby, isn't it?

    How about to make your ****ed dish at that day: a shoulder or a head of a German citizen?

    Our date is .........

    To our supporters: this is your day, do not hesitate, post it on German forums, send it by email, do not waste your time translating it, they have under them some of those who speaks are language and who will translate it for their masters.

    The End



    Here is a reply to *Mou10ra11bitt18oun25's message on the aljazeeratalk forum.

    Another subject I liked Scarves

    ساضعو هنا Sadao here

    الله اكبر:: خربت المانيا :: باقي يومين وتضرب في عقر دارها Allahu Akbar:: ruined Germany:: the rest of the day and hit in their own backyard
    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم In the name of God the Merciful

    الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله Praise be to God, prayer and peace upon the Messenger of Allah

    ثم أما بعد : Then either:

    من المؤكد أن الجميع قرأ موضوع الأخ الجديد * Mou10ra11bitt18oun25 *

    Sure, everyone read the subject of the new Brother * Mou10ra11bitt18oun25 *

    فدعوننا نحلل بعض الأمور الهامة

    Vdonna analyze some important things

    نرى أن الأخ قد حدد يوم الأحد للضربة التي ستتلقاها ألمانيا إن شاء الله

    We believe that the brother had set on Sunday to strike to be received by Germany, God willing,

    لكن لابد من الرجوع إلى الخلف عدة أيام

    However, we should refer to the back for several days

    إلى الخطاب الذي ألقاه الأخ أبو طلحة الألماني حفظه الله بعنوان ( الأمن ... قاسم مشترك ) ففي سياق كلامه

    To the address of brother Abu Talha God save the German title (security ... a common denominator) In the context of his

    نرى أن الأخ أبو طلحة حفظه الله حدد وقت الضربة خلال الأسبوعين اللذين يليان الانتخابات

    We believe that brother Abu Talha may God protect him select the time of the strike during the two weeks of the election

    أي 15 يوم من بعد الانتخابات

    Any 15 days after the election

    وإذا افترضنا أن العد يبدأ من يوم 28\9\2009 سنرى أن الموعد ينتهي يوم 12\10\2009

    If we assume that the count starts on 28 \ 9 \ 2009 we will see that the deadline ends on 12 \ 10 \ 2009

    أما الآن نعيد ترتيب المعلومات التي وردتنا والتي علمناها إلى غاية الآن

    Now we rearrange the information contained, which Almnaha until now

    نرى أن خلال الـ15 يوم هذه يصادف يوم الأحد يومين أي أن عدد الأيام تقلص إلى يومين اثنين

    We believe that during the 15 day of this falls on Sunday, two days means that the number of days reduced to two days

    4\10\2009 4 \ 10 \ 2009

    11/10\2009 11/10 \ 2009

    الغد هو يوم الأحد المصادف


    Tomorrow is the day on Sunday 4 \ 10 \ 2009

    فهل نرى غداً خراب ألمانيا أم أننا ننتظر 8 أيام أخرى لنرى هذا الحدث الذي طال انتظاره

    Will see tomorrow destruction of Germany or do we wait for 8 more days to see this long-awaited event

    تنبيه : أرجو النشر قدر المستطاع

    CAUTION: I Published as much as possible

    همتكم معانا يا الشباب وخاصة أفراد غزوة ألمانيا الإعلامية

    O Hmtkm brighter young people,
    especially members of the media invasion of Germany
    لا تنسونا من صالح الدعاء

    More from prayer

    كتبه * ابو الاحنف الشيباني * *

    Written by Abu Ahnaf Shibani *

    Seems CNN I-report deleted
    my post regarding the possible
    In violation of public policys
    see jpg at top.
    Ireports seem screwed up.
    They never even looked at post.
    So much for I-reporting.




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