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    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    N. Korea is a rogue, criminal regime

    N. Korea is a rogue regime,
    a threat to the world and its' own people.

    And is cooperating on developing Nuclear weapons
    with a terrorist regime, Iran.

    N. Korea has pursued nuclear weapons, contrary
    to signed treaty, exported nuclear technology to
    Iran, kidnapped persons from other countrys.
    And starved its own people.

    What does N. Korea have to do to draw
    the worlds actions to stop N. Korea's criminal
    What does it take?
    N. Korea is blackingmailing the world
    on the basis of attacking S. Korea.
    They have gotten away with this for YEARS.
    Will Obama put a stop to it?

    Some of you are to young to remember the hacking
    to death of an American trooper by N. Korean trooper.



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