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    Friday, May 22, 2009

    Cyber Over Watch Troops

    Cyber Overwatch Troops
    By Gerald: Internt Anthropologist Think Tank

    Cyber Troops need protection.
    Cyber Heavy Weapons Squad.

    This is a view into the Over watch functions,
    for a cyber units supporting ground troops.

    Much like an Air Force over watch during an operation.

    Cyber over watch look over the cyber troops ( CT ) and 
    Ground troops ( GT ) Or the Cyber Company on patrol.

    The cyber over watch team may be a small squad or
    as large as a company size element.

    Their function is to sense the pulse of all troops
    and associated electronics.

    The basic pulse function is an encrypted  bios inquiry.
    Is everyones pc or chip set responding, very similar to
    responders in air craft.

    Any one off line? Any system off line? any response
    slow or lagging? Measuring the level of Bandwidth

    A large drop in band withs speed may be the first indicator
    of a cyber attack, dos attack etc.

    The primary function of the Cyber over watch is cyber medical.
    All the pulse monitoring is done in the background,
    CT and GT unaware of the checks.

    Overwatch is looking for signs of any attack.
    and moves to place over watch offensive teams
    in attack positions against any threat.

    The offensive teams have a myriad of cyber Weapons at their disposal.

    Their primary offensive capability is the ability to take 
    the threat off line. 

    From an individual PC to network, or a WWW hub if necessary.

    While the over watch command doesn't have the capability 
    to take down a bot net, they are in direct contact
    with those that can take out an entire bot net with one stroke,
    be it 10 pcs or 100 million pc starting a DOS attack against 
    all 13 web n nodes.

    The method is one of the Governments highest secrets,
    and they dread the use of the cyber weapon as its use
    will disclose its existence and possibly counters if deployed.

    For taking out a PC or Network they have a multitude of choices.

    Exquisite scanners looking for even obtuse exploits to penetrate
    systems. Where once again they have a huge choice of types of damages
    and depth of destruction.

    They are even able to finesse the situation, maybe just using a pop up
    on the PC that says, " You are attacking a US Military PC you have
    30 seconds to turn your PC off before the US Military destroys your
    PC", and then it starts a flashing 30 second count down.

    At the end of 30 seconds they have a choice of options.
    From just turning the PC off, to erasing the attacking software,
    to formating his FAT, or actually crashing the head into the platter,
    there by destroying the hard drive.

    They have the capability of copying the hard drive for later
    Intel assessment to stealing email pass words, for Recon squads.

    In cases where they are unable to exploit the PC right away they
    point a heavy dos attack against that IP, or ISP if need be.
    To block the aggressors access to the Internet.

    Thru the use of force multiplier programs even a small contingent
    can appear the be a huge bot attack and have the force of a bot net
    millions of times its actual size.

    Over Watch takes DOWN any threats or forces attacking the CT or the GT.

    Over Watch is mainly a protective cover, not part of the operations.

    My sources tell me this over watch team would be plugged into the 

    Tactical InternetSystems analyst


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