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    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    What a Year, and then some.

    What a Year
    Time for a breath
    By GeraldL Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Wow, lot of Firsts.
    The end of the First presidency that had
    a co-president Cheney, the President of
    the GWOT.

    The Rush into Iraq, taking down the only
    country in the Middle East holding Iran
    in check. And the bunbling of the occupation.
    And the remarkable victrory against Sadams

    A War in Iraq and in Afghan,
    Paki's slip into chaos.
    As the Taliban control more
    of Pakistan than the Paki Gov.

    al Qaeda almost gets its hands on
    341 lbs of plutonioum.

    And the criminal Banking Combine
    gets Glass Seagal repealed so
    they can package toxic sub-prime
    paper and sell it to Wall St. Who in
    turn sells it to the world.
    The worlds biggest criminal theft
    by American banks.

    The start of the Worst Depression
    of all time, and the Election of Obama.

    And over 2 Trillion dollars of tax payers
    money given to the banks.
    And those Corps.the tax payers bailed out
    get Millions in bonuses.

    Shutting down over 1,000 terrorist web sites.

    Upsurge of pirates and American going to
    Somilia for terrorist training.

    The reconigition of bot nets as a WMD.
    More PC's on the WWW than ever
    and the worst security ever on the WWW.

    Could we get the world to take a breath for
    just a week.
    Everybody just PAUSE.

    Nope didn't think so.

    Flank speed, lets go



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