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    Sunday, March 15, 2009

    Taliban to join Northwest Frontier Police?

    Pakistan proposes integration of Taliban into security forces

    A senior official in Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province wants the Taliban to integrate into the security forces in the region where the government ceded to the Taliban's demands to implement sharia, or Islamic Law, and end military operations. The official also described the Swat Taliban leader as a "good human being."

    Syed Muhammad Javed, the Malakand Division Commissioner, has proposed that the Taliban provide recruits for the police and the paramilitary Levies force. The Malakand Division is made up of the districts of Malakand, Swat, Shangla, Buner, Dir, and Chitral.

    "I have proposed the Taliban be adjusted in police or Levies force and have suggested this at several forums," Javed told Daily Times. He claimed the police force's "confidence is shaken" due to a Taliban campaign of assassination and intimidation.

    The police have been hit so hard that the force has been rendered ineffective. The government claimed that 70 policemen, an estimated five percent of the force, have been killed since the fighting in Swat broke out in July 2007. More than 800 policemen, more than half of the force, have deserted their posts or taken extended leaves to avoid the Taliban attacks. Another 142 troops from the paramilitary Frontier Corps have been reported killed since August 2008.

    During the fighting between the Swat Taliban and government forces, the Swat Taliban targeted police officers, tribal leaders, and politicians. Family members of government officials and tribal leaders were killed, and their homes were torched.



    OK thats equal to letting the Mafia join the Chicago police in the 1930s?

    Pakistan continues to hold a gun to its own head in negoiating

    with the USA.

    Can they be that NUTZ?

    It seems the police have been demoralized, and out gunned.





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