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    Wednesday, November 05, 2008

    Cryptographers wanted

    Code breakers wanted:

    We have run into these pages several times:
    At first we thought they were part of some SEO program.

    But our BSU's keep picking up members of the Muslim Brotherhood
    Email names on the web pages.

    Any of you out there bust this?


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    I don't mean to say the Muslim Brotherhood

    is pro-terror, our metrics indicate they are NOT.

    But at the same time some of the terrorist have come out

    of the Muslim Brotherhood.G


    By Douglas Farah

    It is also worth noting the little-noticed support some of the worst parts of the Islamist agenda get from so-called moderate and mainstream Islamist groups who are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Nothing could be a more stark reminder than the story of the young Somali woman who was stoned to death for adultery after reporting to authorities that she had been raped.

    Amnesty International reported that partway through the stoning nurses checked whether Aisha was still alive. They pulled her body out of the ground to ascertain she was still breathing before the stoning continued.

    A Unicef statement said: 'She sought protection from the authorities, who then accused her of adultery and sentenced her to death. 'A child was victimised twice - first by the perpetrators of the rape and then by those responsible for administering justice.'

    This is what the Taliban means when it talks of sharia law and what has in mind for the rest of the world. This is why the idea of engaging in talks with the Taliban over the future of Afghanistan is such a dangerous idea.

    The jihadists cannot compromise and have already demonstrated, during their barbaric governance of Afghanistan from 1996-2001 that they are cannot be part of a civilized coalition to govern anything.

    It is worth remembering that the Muslim Brotherhood, including its supposedly enlightened leaders like Tariq Ramadan, do not condemn this barbaric form of justice. Why? Because they can't without disowning the same general goals the Ikhwan share with the jihadist: A world under sharia law where this is not only condoned but mandatory. My full blog is here.




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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Kinda rambling post but basic analysis below...

    1. Going to the links directly just gives you a page of keywords, (barking, etc.).



    2. Googling either those barking phrases or url's and clicking on the results gives you a maleware page.


    Searching the barking phrases on google Eventually you find:

    which has the full list of all 99 pages. Going to any of these pages directly doesn't do anything.

    However, when googling either the barking phrases, or the full url path of the pages and clicking the campus.blahblah links in the google results takes you not to the .htm page, but instead to maleware pages like:

    Go ahead, try it.

    Paste: into your browser.

    Then google: and click on the results.

    Google links example:


    10:22 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ditto googling the post numbers.

    Several of the results lead to the same maleware sites.

    Try it:


    10:31 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Probably should be given to Dancho for his fake antivirus series.

    About Antivirus 2009

    10:42 AM  

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