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    Wednesday, September 24, 2008

    al Qaeda Taliban fighting for survial

    Photo by Gerald CR 2008
      By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank,
      Sept 24 2008

    Paradigm Intel: Terrorist leadership mental condition.

    al Qaeda Taliban are fighting for survival.

    They lost in Iraq and left behind a die hard skeleton crew.
    They had 6 years of saftey and lived unmolested under the Paki Government.Now as Iraq swings against the terrorist they know USA will now focus on them and in Pakistan.
    ig Z knows this is the end game, and is fighting to remain alive and relevant. He is in hiding with a PC and Internet, but no email or IM. He is fed a steady diet of lies about the success of the jahid from his trusted lieutenants,as he reads the bad news ( for him ) is broadcast on the Internet about the GWOT.He puts out of his mind the bad things and tries to focus on any good news he can find.

    He is out of touch with the Umma, and tried to connect with his village square internet Q&A. And failed to connect. His funding has dropped way off and old friends are not communicating.
    His depression is sporadic with huge mood swings, and has days he has trouble even getting out of bed.And smokes marijuana and tabaco in secret for his nerves.

    His paranoia is expansive and reflected in his bodyguards and communications and feeds his depression.In secret he feels like a failure and empty as they experience defeat after defeat.The "going to paradise" pablum no longer soothes, and he misses his old dead friends.And ofter to his comrades talks of how others now dead would have handled current problems.And complains about the quality of his troops, as they are all 2nd, third and even 4th level cadre.

    As Paki and American special forces box them in and behead the leadership they are striking out as hard as and as fast as they can.

    The hotel bombing is a good example of this.They are no longer concerned with conserving anything. They are expending all resources in an effort to remain alive. They are calling in all favors, and debts in an effort to strike back.

    If they can get any WMD they will use them, no matter how unprepared or ill equipped or how many civilian losses there are.

    Eventually the head will be severed, and the umma will turn against the terrorist just like in Iraq, for the mop-up.

    But untill then Paradigm Intel forecasts more heavy violent attacks as al Qaeda and the Taliban strike out in a futile attempt to survive.

    The very violent end is approaching .The swifter the decapation the less violence there will be.


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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Taliban given one-day deadline to leave Khyber\09\25\story_25-9-2008_pg7_4

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