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    Monday, August 11, 2008

    ETIM run from USA


    Bot surveillance unit strikes again.....

    Internet Anthropologist Cyber Battalion is pleased to announce another victory in the ongoing cyber war. I am extremely proud of our troops valiant and exemplary performance exhibited throughout this exercise. Our PUBLIC company.

    East Turkestan Islamic Movement webmaster/strategist is run from the USA

    And I commend their efforts and continued tenacious dedication toward our mission; The pursuit of online terrorist targets.

    Today our Cyber troops have once again executed a successful strike on target.

    Remember threat for a cyber attack on the USA ?
    We were there. We commenced exposing them on Infovald's forum.
    At TOI (time of incident) Bill directed and supervised the critical operation. Exhaustively, conducting a successful penetration of the target via, a broad based multi phased cy-ops initiative. This incorporated the development and dissemination of key Intel against Islam's chief hacker, while tracking and tracing him across the vastness of the Internet with precision.

    Our ethnographic studies were extremely effective in helping to develop the paradigm for taking down the web-site, and disabling and dismantling the group. We continue our cyber surveillance of certain group members in ongoing operations to date.
    In this instance we took the site down 3 days prior to their announced attack, and rendered their program usless and, as well, burned the chief hacker publicly.

    We have to date disclosed approximately 5% of our over-all special ops and the remaining are held classified.

    We have hundreds of active contacts within key IC agencies; FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, Army, Air Force, Navy, Pentagon, Special Forces, State Department and our entrenched Civilian Corps.
    So Keep the tips coming.

    Today our new Bot Surveillance Units ( BSU's ) have yet claimed another enemy target.
    The web-master and tactician for His proxies and extensive security measures were for naught and have been strategically breeched and foiled.

    Note: This group may be connected with two videos threatening attacks on the Olympic Games in China.
    Two Americans were recently killed in China in an unprovoked act of violence.
    Breaking...more shortly
    standby: for IP and location:

    Islamic Party of Turkistan
    Location Houston, Texas, United States
    PC language: PC: zh-cn (Chinese/China)

    August 07, 2008

    Second Threat Against Olympics from Islamic Party of Turkistan Released on Youtube

    A group calling itself the Islamic Party of Turkistan has issued a second threat against the Olympic Games in Beijing. Laura Mansfield is working on a translation of the statement.

    What is interesting is that the threat was released on Youtube by a user calling himself mjawazi and the official Youtube Channel for this group, tipawazi

    SOURCE: Jawa


    China discovers al Qaeda in its backyard

    By Walid Phares

    In a video accusing China's Communist Government of "mistreating Muslims" a Jihadi group threatened to attack the Summer Games in Beijin. A spokesman of the Turkistan Islamic Party accuses China of "forcing Muslims into atheism and destroying Islamic schools. The "Turkistan Islamic Party" is most likely based across the border in Pakistan, where sources affirm it received training from Al Qaeda.

    Weeks ago the organization claimed responsibility for a bombings across the country. The latest video shows graphics of a burning Olympics logo and explosions. This week, attackers killed 16 police and wounded more than a dozen in the Xinjiang city of Kashgar using homemade bombs.

    SOURCE: CounterTerrorism Blog:


    New spasm of violence in western China as 7 die in wave of bombings
    By Jim Yardley
    Published: August 11, 2008

    BEIJING: The violence in the western Chinese region of Xinjiang rose sharply Sunday morning with the deaths of a security guard and at least six suspects after a daring series of bombings that began with a predawn assault on a police station, the state news media reported.

    The attacks, coinciding with the first weekend of the Beijing Olympics, occurred less than a week after what the Chinese authorities had previously described as China's worst terrorist assault in recent memory, in the Xinjiang city of Kashgar. Last Monday, two Uighur Muslims rammed a truck into a group of paramilitary officers who were doing their morning exercises, then attacked with explosives and knives. Sixteen officers were killed and several more were wounded.

    The violence came as the Chinese authorities have accused the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, or ETIM, of plotting terror attacks against the Olympics. The Chinese government and the United States State Department list the group as a terrorist organization, though some specialists on Xinjiang question its scope and potency. Some human rights groups have accused China of exaggerating the threat to justify its crackdown against Uighurs


    Internet Anthropologist
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    Our warning to Lars Viks before the Death threat was made public.

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