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    Friday, July 25, 2008

    Taliban burning their own

    AFGHANISTAN-PAKISTAN BORDER, AFGHANISTAN - OCT...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeTaliban using Western forces to eliminate rivals
    Press Trust of India / London July 25, 2008, 12:23 IST

    Taliban factions are using Western forces to eliminate rival commanders in a new version of the "Great Game" being played out in Afghanistan and Pakistan, top security sources have suggested.

    The tempo of targeted attacks on the Taliban leadership has dramatically increased in the past months. Though the British and Americans have presented the recent assassinations of top leaders of the Taliban to show that their policy of "decapitating" the enemy leadership is working, security sources said that factions with the Taliban are using Western forces to eliminate rival chieftains in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    "Not all of the intelligence we are getting is being given for altruistic reasons. The Taliban movement is pretty amorphous and we are aware that different groupings appear to be passing on information," said a senior Western official, who deals with both Nato and Afghan forces on security matters.

    "There appears to be a power struggle going on in the insurgent leadership across the [Pakistan] border and we are also aware that certain official bodies have their own agendas and that is reflected in what they tell us," he was quoted as saying by The Independent newspaper today.

    Security sources said "hits" on the Taliban leadership have almost all been based on initial intelligence provided from within the insurgency,


    Taliban have NO honor,,,

    al Qaeda leaderless


    ISLAMABAD, Jul 25 (APP): Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior Rehman A Malik said on Friday said upto 40 commanders of Al-Qaeda including Amjad and Rafi had been arrested during operations in Hangu and Bara, while 17 security personnel embraced martyrdom. Malik was talking to journalist at Chaklala Air Base while seeing off the Foreign Minister of United Arab Emirates. Secretary Interior Syed Kamal Shah was also present.

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