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    Thursday, July 24, 2008

    Sheikh Al-Luhaidan:.OBL"... Evil, Depravity"; Al-Zawahiri, "Deviant"

    City of Mecca / Makkah Al MukarrammahImage via WikipediaSenior Saudi Cleric: Bin Laden "Is a Promoter of Evil and Deviant"; Al-Zawahiri Is a "Deviant"

    Following the recent arrest in Saudi Arabia of 520 terrorists who had planned attacks on the country's oil facilities, the Saudi daily 'Okaz published an interview with Saudi Supreme Judicial Council head Sheikh Saleh bin Muhammad Al-Luhaidan. In his discussion of terrorism in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Al-Luhaidan called Al-Qaeda a criminal organization that threatens to destroy the world's purest country. He also called bin Laden a promoter of evil, and the members of his organization criminals. In addition, he said that in order to protect the youth from extremist ideas, there was a need for real da'wa at home, in schools and in the media.

    'Okaz: "The [Saudi] security forces recently [intercepted] two messages by the No. 2 man in Al-Qaeda, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, calling to raise funds [for the organization]. What is the ruling on someone who responds to this appeal, whether by making a donation or by giving the messages wide distribution?"

    Sheikh Al-Luhaidan: "These deviants, who were not tolerated in their [own] countries, went to Iraq and to other countries with the purpose of destroying the [Saudi] kingdom. I do not know of a single country in the Muslim world that has defended the Muslims' interests and invested efforts to assist the Muslims as much as the [Saudi] kingdom… Whoever cooperates with these [terrorists] or responds to their appeals is regarded as a criminal. We beseech Allah to expose anyone who seeks to harm our country or who collaborates with criminals."

    'Okaz: "What, in your opinion, brings a young Saudi to travel to Iraq or to any other unstable region [in order to] blow himself up, or [in order to] train and then return to Saudi Arabia to carry out terrorist operations?"

    Sheikh Al-Luhaidan: "Young people like these were also deceived by the first Khawarij rebellion. [1] They were impetuous young men who killed believers but showed leniency towards polytheists. Those who travel abroad with the intention of harming the Kingdom and its people and attacking its economy are no less evil than the Khawarij, who [threatened] the Islamic nation in the beginning of its history."

    "What about anyone belonging to Al-Qaeda, headed by Osama bin Laden?"

    Sheikh Al-Luhaidan: "That man [i.e. bin Laden] - his actions speak for him. He is not the one to direct a person onto the right path. Indeed, he is a promoter of evil and depravity, and whoever follows him, pursues depravity. If we saw a man call for a rebellion while getting ready for his evening prayer, we would denounce him as a useless criminal who defies Allah's laws. How much more so, if he were inciting others to destroy the purest country in the world - a country which is undoubtedly the best on earth - i.e. the Saudi Kingdom. Without doubt, anyone who calls to destroy it, to undermine its security, to harm its installations and economic centers, and who incites the public against it - such a person is a criminal, as are [all] members of Al-Qaeda. Anyone who is associated with [this organization] must be punished." [2]
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