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    Tuesday, July 08, 2008

    Human Tremain Paradigm

    BAGHDAD, IRAQ – FEBRUARY 28:  Rear Adm. Mark I...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeHuman Tremain Paradigm:

    My review is based on OSINT relative the the Army's HT effort.

    What I have been able to glean indicates the HT effort is based on the Company level.
    Which should be minimal staffing.

    But could be organized on a wiki to include Battlion level all the way up to Theater level, and
    provide a coordinated effort linked to all levels and a past history of paradigms, groups and people.

    The work product should include applied anthropology. and metrics.
    And demographics on the enemy.

    With this Wiki a new HT troops can check what was done in the past and with whom.
    Reporting from multiple levels and a consildated effort would be a great force multiplier.

    And linked into the Military Blogging efforts and the State departments new efforts in the Info war.

    For every heart and mind won, its one less enemy that has to be killed,
    A noble endeavor for any anthropologist.

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