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    Saturday, July 05, 2008

    Al-Qaeda pays tribute to Ghazi Abdul Rasheed

    KARACHI: Over the completion of one year of Lal Masjid tragedy, Al-Qaeda in a video tape released in Urdu language for the first time has condemned the operation and paid tribute to Ghazi Abdul Rasheed and his comrades.


    Abdul Rashid Ghazi (Urdu: عبدالرشید غازی; ca. 1964−July 10, 2007)[1] was a Pakistani Muslim cleric, son of Maulana Muhammad Abdullah and younger brother of Abdul Aziz Ghazi. He was descended from the Sadwani clan of Mazari tribe in the town of Rojhan at the border of southern Punjab and Balochistan.[2]

    Abdul Rashid Ghazi was killed in "intense crossfire" after Pakistani troops stormed the building he and his militants had been using. He is buried at Madrassah Abdullah, Basti Abdullah near Rojhan Mazari in Central Pakistan.[citation needed]

    Abdul Rashid Ghazi vowed to die in his Islamabad mosque rather than surrender - a pledge he kept when he was cut down in intense crossfire after troops stormed the building. Since the mosque came under siege a week before, Ghazi repeatedly said that he would rather be "martyred" than give in to the government........ he and his brother became leaders of Jamia Hafsa and Jamia Faridia madrassas.

    Lot more SOURCE:


    New al Qaeda recruiting "madrassas", if the Pashtos fall for it, suckered again.



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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    the day after the video?

    20 dead 40 wounded in suicide bombing...

    5:08 PM  

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