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    Sunday, July 13, 2008

    GWOT weakest link

    GWOT weakest link

    I was out trying to take some photos of the fireflies, and watching all the lights blink on and off,
    it remended me of the al Qaeda hackers and webmasters.

    al Qaeda's Internet paradigm is almost 180 degrees from the US Military's Internet paradigm.

    aQ views the WWW as the ultimate weapon and communications channel.
    aQ fireflies wink on and demonstrate the new paradigm, and aQ embraces it and has a party.

    In the USA the WWW is viewed like a threat or security risk. Something they would like to avoid if possible.

    One of my staff was posting on a Military forum about cyber war and the use of WWW as a weapon.
    This was the comment emailed to Gerald.

    "yeah i read the whole thing, they were a hard audience. They seemed to be more concerned with naming things and theoretical aspects of it all whilst you are a man of action gerald. Combine that with a new concept of operations, as you state gerald, and I don't think they have their heads around the actions you and the wiki are taking." A well know Blogger.

    The Internet is one weapons level above WMDs. Our paradigm is classified. G
    It offers the potential to win a war with out violence.
    It's uses as "Force protection", "Force projection", and a "Force multiplier" are understood by the al Qaeda movement.

    And still being discovered by US Forces.

    US Forces keep the WWW at arms length away like some bad odor, while al Qaeda wears the WWW like it was cologne.

    The American historical paradigm has been one of ignoring a threat until we are hit hard then America pours in resources like a tidal wave to over come the weakness.

    Its cheaper and safer to dominate all domains.

    The "Future of Wars Paradigm" plays heavily on the use of the Internet by the antagonist, and is Americas weakest link.

    At the current time USA is unprepared and ill trained to fight in this domain.
    And remains so at Great risk to the country.

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