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    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    USA "arms wide open", for attack

    US Govt Concern About Potential Al Qaeda Attack on US Homeland This Summer
    By Jeffrey Imm


    ABC News: Al Qaeda Cell in the U.S. Or On Its Way, According to New Intel
    Associated Press: Officials Worry Of Summer Terror Attack
    ABC News: Secret Document: U.S. Fears Terror 'Spectacular' Planned'
    ABC News: Suicide Bomb Teams Sent to U.S., Europe
    Daily Telegraph: 45 Muslim doctors planned US terror raids
    AP: U.K. Terror Suspects Made U.S. Inquiry
    Sky News: Full Text Of Vicar's Terror Warning Email


    The cells are already here, while more are coming
    By Walid Phares

    So in short, based on these "reports," US media are telling their audiences (from their Government sources) the following:

    1. A Graduation has occurred in Pakistan (they showed the footage) and Jihadists are on their way to the West.

    2. A Pastor has met an al Qaeda representative who told him operations are underway.

    3. American analysts looked at the British Jihadists tactics over the past few weeks and "learned" something new. Something that taught them how to better read information they already had.

    5. A media report said 45 doctors were to prepare an attack against a US base.

    4. Hence, the conclusion is that a cell, or more, is on their way to the US. And according to a general mood, it was concluded that summers are better for Jihadists to attack.

    But if the reader would re-read those five points he/she may ask many troubling questions. I have the following ones: a. What if the footage of "Taliban graduation" aired by a TV network wasn't obtained and thus wasn't shown to the American public? Would it mean that the Taliban aren't graduating, or haven't been graduating since 2001 or even before? Will that mean that there were no Jihadist graduates already heading to the West? Does it mean that this is the "only" graduation by the Taliban, other Jihadists around the world? Did we have to "see" that particular footage to "learn" that a Jihadi machine is producing "graduates" as we speak, even if they are not featured on ABC or al Jazeera?

    b. What if the Pastor hasn't met with the al Qaeda representative? Would that meant that the Jihadists weren't marching and aren't willing to strike deep inside the West? With great sympathies to the cleric, who should be thanked for reporting, but was that a "new" revelation? We have the leaders of al Qaeda informing us every few months on al Jazeera and online, and a daily wave of chat rooms statements enlightening us on the "blessed strike to come." Why aren't we taking that seriously until a "personal story" occurs somewhere? Don't we know that there is a standing order by al Qaeda to strike when and where possible?

    c. Did we have to wait for the British Jihadis to load two Mercedes and one Jeep and target a nightclub and an airport to "learn" that this is a possible tactic? Is this scenario that impossible to imagine and project? What did we learn from these tactics that we've already seen in the Sunni triangle in Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria and Afghanistan? That it could happen in England too? So are there advisors in the West who are telling Governments and the public on both sides of the Atlantic that there is no such thing as "Jihad;" that there is no "war on terror;" that "it is about socio-economics?" So what have we learned tactically from the UK failed "raids?" What is it that our imagination has failed to predict, since the 9/11 Commission has told us that we have a "failed imagination."

    d. Then we learn about the discovery of 45 doctors who planned for a Jihad in Jacksonville against a US base. What did we really discover here? That doctors "can be" Jihadists? Weren't we listening to "Doctor" Ayman Zawahiri for years and many other "doctors" in the region threatening with Terror? Haven't we seen in the 20th century’s darkest moments "Nazi doctors" involved in one of the most horrific genocides of all times? Or were we surprised by the fact that Jihadists were planning on attacking a US base in the US homeland? Didn't we analyze enough the Fort Dix guys who were planning a similar attack on American soil against an Army base few weeks ago? Weren't the two Georgia young Jihadis, arrested last year, planning on striking at US military installations across the nation? In short, is that shocking to "learn" that the Jihadis are targeting our national defense?

    e. Last but not least, we are supposing that "al Qaeda likes to attack in the summer." So, should we discount attacks in the fall, winter and spring? Read More »

    NEFA Series "Target America": Irhaby007's American Connections

    By Evan Kohlmann

    On the heels of the foiled plots targeting Fort Dix and JFK Airport, the Nine Eleven Finding Answers (NEFA) Foundation announces the release of the sixth in a series of reports examining the multitude of threats directed at the United States since 9/11. This week's report focuses on the Atlanta, Georgia cell in Younes Tsouli's global, Internet-based, jihadist network. That Atlanta cell transmitted surveillance video of Washington D.C. landmarks to Tsouli in the U.K, and, according to FBI Director Robert Mueller, "had long-term goals of creating a large network of extremists in preparation for conducting attacks, possibly inside the United States." Notably, earlier this month, Tsouli and his two British co-conspirators pled guilty to inciting murder for terrorist purposes and received prison sentences ranging from 6 1/2 to 10 years.

    This week (July 10, 2007): Irhaby007's American Connections

    Week of June 25, 2007: The PATH Tunnel Plot
    Week of June 18, 2007: The East Coast Buildings Plot
    Week of June 11, 2007: The Illinois Shopping Mall Plot
    Week of June 4, 2007: The L.A. Plot to Attack U.S. Military and Jewish Targets
    Week of June 4, 2007: The Miami Plot to Bomb Federal Buildings and the Sears Tower

    Our Borders Are Just a "Speed Bump" for Al Qaeda

    By Michael Cutler

    I watched the ABC News report on the possible infiltration of an al Qaeda cell into the U.S. The report is more than a little disquieting, not only because of the fact that our officials apparently believe that our nation may be attacked within a short time frame, but because our government has done virtually nothing to prevent this from happening! How will our officials prevent these terrorists from entering our country? If they are here, how will be identify them and seek to arrest and neutralize them before they attack us?

    Let me make this as clear as I can. Our nation's borders barely represent a speed bump to millions of illegal aliens who simply want to work in violation of law in the United States. How much of a deterrent would those borders be to terrorists who are determined to enter our country to attack us? Additionally, our immigration bureaucracy is so inept and incompetent that, according to the GAO, last year the USCIS claims to have lost more than 111,000 immigration files relating to aliens seeking a wide variety of immigration benefits, including some 30,000 who applied for United States citizenship. Incredibly, USCIS adjudicated those critical applications without the related files! Senators Grassley of Iowa and Collins of Maine requested that the GAO conduct and investigation into this madness. You can read Senator Grassley's press release concerning the report here, and you can read the actual GAO report here.

    Read More »

    Use All Available Tools to Fight Terrorism

    By Douglas Farah

    International law enforcement and intelligence bodies are only as effective and useful as the people in them and the political will of various countries. Open source information is only as useful as the willingness to look for it and use it.

    But the truth is that some of these international groups produce very useful data that the U.S. and European communities could use effectively. If we are to maximize the chances of finding the needles in the haystacks of data that could be useful, some of these walls have to come down.

    I am not arguing for a complete globalization of intelligence sharing, but we do need to recognize that, despite the deep unpopularity of the Bush administration in most of the world, we have many allies who are in as serious danger of attacks by radical Islamists as we are. Maximizing the access to information across these lines will give us information we would never obtain alone, and offer useful help to our allies.

    For example, Interpol in Europe has a significant data base of 7 million stolen passports that is unused by British and U.S. services. What more useful database could there be as we hear new warnings that al Qaeda has cells here or is sending them to attack us this summer? My full blog is here.

    There are tremendous resources the Government are not using.

    OK TIME FOR SERIOUSNESS, GOT WATER AND FOOD AND EMERGENCY STUFF FOR AT LEAST 2 MONTHS. and more money than you think you will need in a prolonged emergency.

    All the stores carry just 3 days of inventory, when that runs out its gone for a Month? If transportation is disrupted.

    It will take at least 2 months to get things back to anywhere near normal.

    Just take it in stride, don't panic, be prepared. BE PREPARED.

    The Internet is at risk but not from Middle East.


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