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    Wednesday, November 01, 2006


    Internet Countermeasures
    against terrorism.
    UPDATE May 31 2015 current Social Change Engine.

    By Gerald
    Internet Anthropologist
    Ad magnum
    Edited 11.1.2006
    (Comment: since 1.4.2005, our “Fraud locker” was hacked the host also lost backups, some links to “” may not work. )
    The Internet was created by the Dept. of army, Arp net.
    I have broken it down into 3 simple sections.
    Hardware, software and wetware.


    Toolbar users:
    While the toolbar does NO tracking, it does record number of downloads and if
    a user clicks on one of the toolbar links to one of our web pages
    ( these pages are only available from the toolbar. ) our site meter
    does collect some information from our web page visitors. So we can record what IP
    visits our web pages, standard info collected by most web pages, OUR USERS.
    As of 10, 2006 there are over 4,000 users.
    Users IP's include: ( we have only included partial IP adr. )
    Domain Name ? (United States Government)
    IP Address

    144.51.215.# (National Computer Security Center)

    National Computer Security Center

    North America
    District of Columbia
    Army Information Systems Command
    Domain Name ? (Military)
    IP Address

    138.27.1.# (Army Information Systems Command)

    Army Information Systems Command

    North America
    Sierra Vista
    United Nations
    Domain Name ? (Organization)
    IP Address

    157.150.192.# (United Nations)

    United Nations

    North America
    New York
    New York
    California Department of Justice
    Domain Name

    IP Address

    167.10.240.# (California Department of Justice)

    California Department of Justice

    North America
    Lockheed-Martin Corporation
    Domain Name ? (Commercial)
    IP Address

    192.91.173.# (Lockheed-Martin Corporation)

    Lockheed-Martin Corporation

    North America
    Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
    Domain Name ? (United States Government)
    IP Address

    128.115.27.# (Lawrence Livermore Laboratory)

    Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

    North America
    Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards.
    Domain Name

    IP Address

    129.198.241.# (Air Force Flight Test Center)

    Air Force Flight Test Center

    North America
    Japan, National Police Agency
    Domain Name

    IP Address

    61.117.156.# (National Police Agency)

    National Police Agency

    36, 138 (Map)
    Domain Name

    IP Address (Area no x partition)

    Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI)

    35.6719, 51.4244 (Map)
    Domain Name ? (Network)
    IP Address (Link Egypt)

    Link Egypt

    Al Qahirah
    30.05, 31.25 (Map)
    Domain Name ? (Network)
    IP Address

    211.41.245.# (KangNam CableTV)


    Domain Name

    IP Address

    202.123.xx.# (Karachi Pakistan)

    Karachi Pakistan

    person: Wilson Alsio Lado
    address: Sudan - Khartoum
    phone: +249 183 766699
    e-mail: ********
    fax-no: +249 183 798504
    nic-hdl: WAL1-AFRINIC
    source: AFRINIC # Filtered
    Domain Name

    IP Address

    213.42.2.# (Emirates Internet)

    Emirates Telecommunications Corporation

    Domain Name ? (France)
    IP Address

    82.123.220.# (France Telecom)

    France Telecom

    Domain Name

    IP Address



    28, 3 (Map)
    Domain Name

    IP Address

    168.187.211.# (Kuwait Ministry of Communations)

    Kuwait Ministry of Communations

    Domain Name ? (Morocco)
    IP Address (Office National des Postes et Telecommunications)

    Office National des Postes et Telecommunications

    Domain Name

    IP Address

    58.71.154.# (Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd,)

    Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd,

    Wilayah Persekutuan
    Kuala Lumpur

    and 4,000 others,
    fighting terrorism by posting the truth...
    Wetware refers to the users, surfers.
    The terrorists have established a Brand known world wide, and are utilizing the Internet as a command and control structure for training, communication and propaganda.
    The terrorists will succumb.
    Other risk is steady ongoing American deaths, leading to public conclusion we should withdraw. As well as very large American losses leading to public outcry for withdrawal . Time is limited.
    The leading question is whether they can mount an effective WMD attack before they are gone.
    Quite to my surprise Al Qadai have been better at advertising their cause than we have.
    We have multimillion dollar ad agency’s influencing the world and we are loosing the Brand name advertising battle on the Internet.
    The Al Qadai "BRAND"
    AQ has developed a 'brand" any CEO would be envious of.
    In just a few years they have developed a brand recognized world wide. Any mention or search of terrorism bring them to the front.
    This 'brand identification’ is winning the Internet war. This successful advertising and marketing of AQ has been one of the most successful campaigns in the world.
    AQ is using the Internet and this branding as a force multiplier, recruiting terrorists world wide. The USA Army has not demonstrated any Internet paradigm to combat this force multiplier.
    Other than a few Psyops on the Internet, the US Army seems to lack direction and leadership in Internet Warfare. Poorly defended strategy’s , no offensive actions, passive reactions or no reaction to AQ recruiting and command and control via the Internet.
    We have mounted an Internet Cyber force initiatives, with our toolbar, to counter their propaganda and lies they use to recruit jihadists. AQ is a generation ahead of us in psyops on the Internet. One can control world view and influence opinion even in opposition to the facts and truth. Lies en-mass un confronted on the Internet can come to believed as the ‘TRUTH’ BY THE MASSES.
    This "brand" is subject to hijacking takeover by counter measures.
    We are the most technologically advanced culture in the world and are not utilizing the Internet anywhere near its capabilities. They continue to out flank us and are gaining ground in their info war.
    The same sales tools that capitalism uses to make sales will also influence all three demographic groups.
    Key sales PARADIGM:
    NO one likes to be sold, everybody likes to buy/shop.
    The techniques for controlling and influencing wetware are the same as used by advertising executives in the west.
    Just as we are logical, reasonable, intelligent men with free wills, we have been convinced by social change engines to buy colored flavored water worth about 5 cents for a dollar, Coke and Pepsi.
    Seventy percent (70%) of us choose to pay the dollar for 5 cents worth of colored water and we believe we are functioning from logic and free will.
    Effective social change engines will make it difficult for terrorists to hide behind Muslim religious beliefs. Our toolbar is a demonstration of this social change engine.
    We can also counter terrorist recruitment via providing our own counter insurgency groups advice, command and control.
    We can counter terrorist propaganda, with the truth and exposing their propaganda sites AND LIES.
    AQ has bastardized Islam for their own means to encourage jihad even in contravention of the Koran. These lies go un-confronted.
    We have the technology and ability to defeat them on the Internet, but seemingly lack the leadership and will to do so.
    Covert Metrics::
    Provide base measurements to track progress and success through demographics.
    Middle Eastern languages search engine for metrics and demographics.
    Alternately, Google search engine to break down search terms by country. This would allow us to develop paradigms to measure demographics on whether we are winning or loosing the battle for hearts and minds in the middle east.
    Genuinely authenticating the tracking of users and subjects, as well as, developing accurate demographics.
    #1) Tracking Search engine requests:

    By tracking what is hot in terms of search engine requests, we know what your surfers want even before they do. Approximately one week to a month before everyone gets interested in an item we pick up significant increases in frequency and volume of that particular search term. As a result we can track search engine requests and identify products when they start to get hot.

    "Eminem", started rising fast in frequency and volume of search engine requests. Why? His new movie was coming out in two weeks and the film company was using multi-million dollar budgets to promote him along with his record label Co. We had "Eminem" banners up selling his record the same day the movie was released.
    The record won't get Hot until surfers start hearing about it in IV promotions. We knew what your ‘HIP HOP’ demographic wanted before they DID.
    We had the banners up at the same time the surfers were getting interested.
    #2) Demographics:

    Through our surveys we know how many of your surfers will be interested in say 'HIP HOP',
    We are able to target banners through demographics to your surfers interests and even know when they will be interested (see above).
    Example of Survey data collected:
    How many of your surfers are interested in buying a digital camera and within what price range.
    What brand of cigarettes they smoke, we can offer them tax FREE over the Internet (Indian Nation treaty allows Indians to sell cigarettes tax free and legally over the Internet.) We can do banners by brand, Marlboros anyone?
    The terrorists and AQ have been very busy with their media arms providing videos comparable to a CNN presentation, both in Arabic for recruiting and in English to try and influence elections and politics here in the USA. They post their propaganda at their web sites and as many as 30 free storage servers.
    Covert: hacking team:
    Crashing servers and PC‘s, that AQ use for command and control. Also DOS attacks and
    takeovers of key web sites.
    PC and Server penetration, covert operating systems, root kits, key loggers, tracking, email collection and banking data.
    The Federal government doesn't allow computers with Nuclear secrets to be connected to the Internet. Why? They know there is no such thing as a secure browser or secure operating system. To date Microsoft has issued over 300 patches and it still isn't secure.
    Of course the chances of a uber hacker coming after you is very remote. The threat we all face is the new attack bots;
    and the combining of Root kits, worms and Trojans. Megasploit
    is already out there. Point click and you got Root. Combine these with "Attack bots" and we are under a new siege that Firewalls, Anti-virus and Sweepers can't even see.
    There are ways to make intrusions very difficult and methods to detect them even if your security software has been corrupted and is lying to you
    about what is and isn't on your PC.
    Where do they hide their files on your computer? They can park sections of your hard drive and mark sectors as bad, hiding them there. Alternately DLL injection fake’s out the Windows Enviroment so that forensics is impossible even hiding device drivers (NEW)! All this without any hooking or can install a driver that will identify writable memory chips / FlashRAM / EEPROM on the motherboard and hide files there. Driver’s that store data in 'bad blocks' or unallocated clusters on an IDE drive/NTFS partition or store executable code in a FLASH or EEPROM and submit code to be executed from the video processor in order to patch kernel memory. Anti-virus and Sweepers don't even look in these places.

    The new attack bots hide themselves, log your key strokes looking for credit card and banking info and send info out by secret Irc or emails.
    How could your PC get infected from a root kit? If you have ever used IM Yahoo or AOL
    used AOL or Yahoo email
    , downoaded a word DOC
    , PDF
    , or surfed pubic sites, Like ebay or major search engines
    , use Internet Explorer of the Microsoft Operating System win 95 to XP
    , then you could have been taken over.
    It's a tough challenge when more than 70 software vulnerabilities are discovered each week and all a hacker needs to do to gain access is find one misconfigured server, an unpatched operating system, or a poorly designed application. Even with a full suite of security technology such as anti-virus software, firewalls, patch-management applications, network and software vulnerability scanners, it can be hard for security professionals to find all of the potential holes in their systems.

    2004's most popular hacker tools:
    , viruses, remote tools, adware, spyware, trojans and worms. Hackers and spammers use all the latest software security holes. They release worms and Trojans to attack many businesses and trick Internet users into revealing their personal and financial information. These constant attacks on private and public systems have become more than just a nuisance. They’ve become an overwhelming $10 billion dollar financial burden.
    The Russian Mafia Hang-up group is working on this and testing their attack bots. They have an open secret black market for your credit card info.
    My servers are protected quite well.
    However my your PC can become infected while running a top of the line Firewall, Anti-virus and even one of the best Sweepers. My PC gets 10,000 to 20,000 attacks per month.
    Where do attacks come from? Example: Geographic location look at the attack logs for MY computer HERE:
    What are they trying to upload on to my computer in secret? Top 10 HERE:
    How did this happen? During a removal process I ran the forensics I usually use on my servers. This wasn't some Uber Hacker who targeted the PC especially but a new growing threat on the Interment. A Combination Automated Trojan and Root kit
    It had taken control of the PC without admins knowledge, even though they were using state of the ART PC security at its highest settings. None of there security programs could even SEE IT.
    The Root kit made the task manager and security programs Lie , regarding the programs and processes running on the system.
    The Russian Mafia Gang "Hang-up Group:
    " is one of the leading forces behind this with help from the Romanian Hackers. They recently were able to put a script on the largest online auction site, as well as, 100 of the top sites that made these top sites (that literally millions of surfers visit daily) and pull up an invisible frame that downloaded a keylogger onto your computer. This went right past the three security programs I listed above. It copies your passwords, as well as, credit card numbers and sends them in the background invisibly by secret emails or IRC to the hackers. They in turn sell them on IRC channels enabling Identify theft resulting in the issuance of extra credit cards in your name or to hijack ebay accounts, resulting in the sale of nonexistent goods under your name. I Was offered 400 American Express cards complete with DOB and SS#’s. I reported this to American Express security offices in Chicago and New York, neither were interested. They said “no law had been broken yet.”
    Often the first time you become aware of it is when your credit rating crashes, or a skip tracer contacts you about these bills.
    What Is A Trojan Horse?

    Trojan horses are malicious programs disguised as something benign. They've been known to pose as games, utilities, and email attachments. Trojan horses act much differently than you expect. Some merely annoy, sending emails to everyone in your address book. Others do serious damage to the point of stealing passwords, credit card #'s and data files. Unlike viruses, Trojan horses are not self-replicating so far.
    Independent worm UNKNOWN and known scan:
    What Is A Worm?
    A worm is a self-replicating virus that does not alter files but resides in active memory and duplicates itself. Worms use parts of an operating system that are automatic and usually invisible to the user. It is common for worms to be noticed only when their uncontrolled replication consumes system resources, slowing or halting other tasks.
    Are you an Expert in Viruses, Trojans, Hacking? Then you already KNOW using just an Anti-virus and fire wall isn't enough. A hacker/cracker can walk around any Firewall. Spyware Scanners can't see hacker or some Trojan files ( See below).
    I view a hacker as someone who writes his own code for the root kits, kernel adjustments/re-writes. This is really scary. If they get into a server there is NO real cure. Why YOUR fire wall sucks HERE:
    Or test your firewall again and down load to test for in and out bound protection.

    What do the new automated combination root kit Trojans do and HOW?
    These use backdoors made by other Trojans or Worms or they can make their own.
    The Trojan runs continuously in the background providing backdoor access to the computer. The Trojan attempts to terminate and disable various anti-virus and security related programs and modifies the HOSTS file. It is invisible to Anti-virus programs & sweepers because it has modified them. The root kit takes over your Operating System.
    The root kit is the man-in-the-middle, standing between the operating system on your computer and the programs which rely upon it, deciding what those programs can see and do. What YOU can see and do. What windows task manager, can see and do. It uses this intercept position to hide itself. If an application tries to list the contents of a directory containing one of the root kit's files, the hacker program will censor the filename from the list. It just doesn't show up. It'll do the same thing with the system registry and the process list. It will also hide anything else the hacker controlling it wants hidden -- mp3s, password lists, DivX movies. As long as it fits on the hard drive, the hidden cargo doesn't have to be small or unobtrusive, to be completely cloaked. A Paradign Intelligence track/investigation will reveal it. It can even hide itself in "free space". These attacks amount to an almost second operating system that you can't control, or even see. You don't know its there, it makes itself invisible to all programs on your system and can record and send out your every keystroke and page view, as well as, all passwords and Credit card #'s. There are precautions you can take. There are programs that can make it difficult and ways to avoid it.
    · Some of the things running LOOSE on the net: virus contains lots of remote access functionality, Some of the things HACKERS DO! including:
    · Create/Remove services , key loggers, screen views.
    · Denial of service attack on other computers or servers FROM YOUR COMPUTER.
    · FTP/HTTP functions (upload, download files, etc)
    · IRC functions, sends hidden IRC with your info key strokes.
    · Retrieve system information (RAM, CPU, Disk Space , PASSWORDS)
    · Secure/insecure Windows shares , disable security programs. install Root kits.
    · Pull ebay, bank, pay pal, credit card account passwords
    · Steal CD and product keys for various products
    · Terminate running processes
    · Contains a remote access component (notification is emailed to hacker or sent by IRC)
    · Sending itself to the backdoor ports that the Beagle and Mydoom families of worms opened.
    · Some of them delete a vital component so you can't reboot.
    NO one program can protect you from these Automated Hacker Attacks, Bot Attacks, Virus Emails, Web Page Trojans, Server Worms and Malware Cookies.
    ''If an attacker can convince your computer to execute commands in the local zone, they could extract anything -- credit card numbers, personal information, your browsing habits. Anything of value,'' says Bakos. ''You're essentially giving them a seat at your key board.'' There are criminals in Spain, Romania and Russia making $100,000 per month from this like the "Russian Natiz Hang-up Gang"
    Action paradigms:
    Overt Ops:
    Social change engines:
    Use on defined targeted demographics.
    Possible target demographic groups: Terrorists, insurgents and wanabes.
    Possible recruits: Muslim public
    Recast terrorists as undesirables.
    As we develop paradigms and identified actions the Internet will tell us what to do.
    Guerrilla Anthropology will use the Muslim culture against the terrorist.
    Increase dissonance among terrorist groups.
    Reverse terrorist propaganda.
    Expose false Muslim jihad.
    Expose their Islamic lies.
    Target terrorist leaders for Muslim assanation.
    These same tactics and strategies can be used to influence Muslims, focused on the three groups..
    Offensive & Defensive Propaganda counter measures Ops.
    Action paradigms:
    Hardware, software and wetware
    Computers backbone
    US surfers, users, army and insurgents.
    Strategy defines structure
    The Internet calls for a network oriented approach.
    There are four Strategies:
    #1) hackers
    #2) Web site takeovers
    #3) reliable info sources
    #4) traps
    USA army paradigm. Mosquito squad infecting Al Q computers with malaria virus, weakening them by stealing email address books, banking info and reading their email on their PC's. Logging web sites which they connect to.
    A cut out company associated with a small 3rd world nation (like Panama ) and anonymous servers can recruit hackers and execute attacks against severs. Following the lead of criminal enterprises on the Internet we can cause serious injury to their finances and command and control and moral.

    Guerrilla anthropology

    What is Guerrilla Anthropology?
    In most cases it is the application of anthropological methods in a covert manner by a few against a much more powerful group to effect social change.
    Why Covert?
    In some cases there could be severe consequences to property of life if those involved were known. Some of these services are covert and could include providing a communications link on a private server with recommendations for appropriate coding software, among other services like secret 'Social Change Engines'.
    To support counter insurgency, promote fake terrorist groups, and spread false and misleading info and counter their lies..
    In the Middle East the beheading videos are out selling porn.
    There is the potential of counter completive intelligence, not in terms of stopping the intelligence gathering but in terms of "UN-branding."
    Weakening their brand.
    EXAMPLE: Guerrilla Anthropology:
    If one wanted to change the IRS policys an anti IRS site might not do anything. However, erecting a secret WWW site and emailing the address to a few "ALPHA" News reporters (leaders of the pack) with the inclusion on this secret page of the names of abused IRS clients and their attorneys contact numbers might lead to some news stories. This might in turn lead all news organizations subsequently report on this story compelling congress to investigate and pass new laws.
    For EXAMPLE:
    For way too long ISP’s have been exempt from criminal laws for the content they host on their sites. for example makes substantial money from hosting fake escrow sites, CAREERBUILDERS.COM also earns substantial profits from advertising Russian Money laundering sites that get the victims arrested and sued. info:
    While these ISP’s remain out of the reach of the Law, they also provide command control web sites for terrorists recruiting and training on the Internet.
    I think a case can be made for striking a command and control centers of Al Qadai any where in the world, including web sites.
    The US Army has the capability for Internet warfare, they demonstrated this in the Iraq wars. This capability should be put to use against these terrorist web sites. Any server that is hosting a terrorist web site should be hacked and crashed, Yahoo included. They are hosting terrorist friendly yahoo groups.
    I suspect after the us Army Internet Warfare Section has taken down a dozen servers the ISP’s will start policing themselves. In an effort to cut losses to their other customers on the same servers that are brought down, to limit collateral damage.
    This policy would reduce the number of Terrorist web sites to a manageable few.
    Functioning guerrilla anthropology web sites can be used to make their own culture function against them.
    7 Internet Paradigms:
    Action paradigms:
    Depth and Breadth of Internet.
    Terrorist paradigm:
    Command and control.
    public relations, news releases.
    promote terrorism (Brand) vids, and sound bites.
    Develop cadre.
    Developed zombie pc armies,
    extract data through root kits using key loggers to steal pass words, bank info and id's.
    Paradigm #1) Biological paradigm.
    The Internet almost seems alive. It not only knows when someone touches it but who touched it (IP addr), when and for how long. It as well ( and I'm taking some license here) can tell me when the data on my web page has passed over the light receptors in your brain. It seems almost alive in terms of telling us when it is being used, where the person is located, what country, time on site, pages visited, length of time on each page and how they got to my web page(s).
    Paradigm #2)
    Law of supply and demand.
    There ARE many examples of new Internet processes. Lets look at a few. The "Wall ST. Journal", January 1, 2000 had an extensive issue on 'So long Supply and Demand' and 'The New Economy'. As a veteran stockbroker I feel the laws of supply and demand ARE eternal, but ARE they? Lets look and see. Are these laws slipping?
    The Industrial companies of the S&P 500 during the 1990's created $245 BILLION dollars of new wealth by converting atoms to bytes as in software. They send copies of the program over the Internet and rearrange the bytes on your computer. There is almost an unlimited source of atoms & limited demand. As the software improves it becomes more valuable ($). Under the old laws of supply and demand they worked something like this, supply + demand = price. If there is a small supply the price tends to go up, and if there is small demand the price tends to go down. However we have almost a reverse of Supply and Demand, We have an unlimited supply and limited demand. The Internet is presenting us with new paradigm, a New Process. Free.
    Computer programs are given away for free over the Internet, (, equal to a $200 stereo system, Free) because firms make more money selling cheap but great UPGRADES and from advertising, than if they sold the original product. Another example is the giving away of Internet service, 100 megabytes of computer space. They make more revenue from the advertising they sell on these pages than if they charged for their products.
    Once you write a computer program each additional copy cost is almost negligible. This is a new process to make money by giving away your base product. These Internet companies carry very little inventory, unlike General Motors or manufacturing firms. They just move bytes on your computer into the form of their program via the Internet. New corporations with unlimited product supply, computer programs, no inventory, instant delivery, and potential world wide market is a NEW paradigm. We will have stock market corrections, but we are playing with a new economic paradigm. We have not as yet seen the new mega Internet corps, only the seeds of germination of their seeds, forms and concepts.
    Paradigm #3)
    Third world Internet usage.
    It used to be that one had to know a specific computer language just to get a program to run, "msdos", now it is point and click. Even the African, Bushmen in south Africa, ARE helping in a conservation project with 'palm pilots', which have had a Global Positioning System added. When they see an animal they push an icon key that relates to that animal. They are able to track herd movements, size, direction and deaths etc., even though they don't know any computereese.
    New process.
    Also there ARE many translation programs available that automatically translate a document or web page on the web.
    Paradigm #4 )
    Arbitrage used to be implemented only in financial and commodity markets. When there were market imbalances, buy low on one market and sell higher on another market. Yet it now applies to labor markets. Lucent Technologies and Consolidated Edison have turned to India and Ireland for software testing, because of cheaper labor. Just these two points present a potential new process for a capitalistic motive to place Internet backbone and computers in third world countries for Free, because of a profit motive from labor arbitrage.
    Icon oriented programs or translation programs and labor arbitrage opens the door for the possibility of profit from outfitting the third world with computers. This would also allow the developing world to market finished products world wide via the Internet, not just export raw goods with the help of IMF and the World Bank.
    It also places in their hands tools for their own concepts in 'social change engines'. I have seen news reports that Bill Gates has plans to orbit 300 satellites for world wide wireless Internet.
    5th paradigm,
    What is the Internet?
    A book, telephone, magazine, stereo, movie, typewriter, mail, news, stock trading, catalogues, bulletin board, diary, meeting place, business, fax, library, photo album, radio, search engine, etc. No it IS none of these and IT CAN BE ALL OF THESE!
    "New uses and discoveries for the INTERNET will center on "PROCESS" & "ORGANIZATION". Strategy defines structure.
    Using these paradigms we see the Internet is (sic) almost alive, has changed the laws of economics and will probably encompass the entire world for economic reasons. It’s uses and functions are limited only by our imaginations. The point I want to get across is that by putting "intelligence (data)" into a paradigm and tracking its growth our understanding is far more broad, comprehensive and immediate, than just by looking at facts and data. This is very important conceptually when trying to understand the Internet. There are now more pages on the Internet than have been printed since the invention of the printing press.
    Action paradigms:
    Counter intelligence Paradigm:
    Utilize the criminal paradigm to infiltrate terrorist PC's.
    Spread dis- information.
    Create zombie pc armies to attack key terrorist sites in
    takeover of terrorist servers,
    steal mailing lists of terrorists, infiltrate their communications.
    Infiltrate command structure issuing false commands.
    Locate banking and physical locations or terrorist PC's.
    This is what I do and how.
    I am defining Internet Anthropology in this case as the study and research of the interactive interfacing of human culture with this technology. You can interface with a book, but the Internet is interactive.
    I currently have over 12,000 hours of participant observation utilizing over 1,500 of my web sites and four main tracking systems.
    To track the ever changing Internet I have developed methods to track and find the information and data I’m interested in. I use open source intelligence and develop my intelligence through the use of Bots, Spiders and Agents. These ARE programs that search the Internet 24 hrs a day 7 days a week and report their findings back to me.
    I also use two proprietary search engines that search 700 other search engines at once, including 20 years of groups, and messages in pgn documents that other search engines don’t even track. Utilizing these methods and techniques gives me a unique view and understanding of the Internet. How could the Internet be used?
    I also developed the anti-terrorism toolbar, Evidence locker and state of the art news collection and delivery systems, wiki, rss, blogs, ticker news feeds, toolbars.
    The 'philosophies' developed by the likes of Hobbs, Locke, Voltaire and Marquisde de Condorcet, in their concepts of 'The doctrine of empiricism, doctrine of progress and their program of 'democratization of knowledge’ in developing the first encyclopedia, believed that by the accumulation and propagation of knowledge, humanity could advance by degrees to a happier state than it had ever known. Did this pile of knowledge make humanity happier? Could this apply to the Internet?
    Observation, synthesis and action are the essence of applied Anthropology. Strategy defines structure.
    Web pages are NOT like: Newspapers, magazine's, video, photo albums, radio, CD's, USPS mail, telephone, games, library or graffiti. Web sites can be like all of these combined.
    An example of a successful ‘social change engine’ used only one of these, a book! Upton Sinclare's book "The Jungle" also was a prime example of applied anthropology, there were great changes in the meat packing industry sanitation and for workers conditions as a result of this book.
    Could the Internet be used as a Social Change Engine like Sinclare’s book? Against terrorism?
    Hegel (1770-1831) may have expressed it best. In his terms, we discover an antithesis and develop a thesis out of which emerge a synthesis. This dialectical process continues as each generation becomes more enlightened. We seek rational insight not just the ambition to amass a mere heap of facts, an encyclopedia. Like Hegel we believe in the unconquerable faith that reason does exist. However truth exists only as a possibility, a potential. It is only when this idea is accompanied by action that this idea as well as abstract characteristics generally, are realized or actualized. For in and of themselves facts are powerless. A WEB PAGE WITH OUT HITS, followed by action, IS JUST A PILE OF WORDS AND GIFS, images, encyclopedia.
    By Adapting Professor Keyan Tomselli's concepts of semiotics, as presented in his book
    " Appropriating Images" we are able to track a web sites many messages, i.e. the conceive text, the produced text, and received text. We can track levels of understanding, orders of significance, and any discrepant decoding. We can review the pages Organics, how alive the page is. HOW I can connect it to the visitor and improve this communication connection to the point of action on the part of the visitor, is my study and goal. The following:
    shows me putting these five paradigms into operation in a web site with over 1,500 web pages.
    Observation, synthesis and action are the essence of applied Anthropology. Strategy defines structure
    We currently run Internet Interpol Institute, terrorism toolbar, cops toolbar, competitive intelligence toolbar, and blog, news groups
    Our public terrorism initiative:
    Using counter measures to bring down Internet crime and an osint sites.
    Observation, synthesis and action are the essence of applied Anthropology.
    Strategy defines structure.
    Film makers have changed our world, people's behaviors and our laws. With their film treatises.
    Brady (Mathew Brady) shot film of the Civil War, and through his film asked questions about death and dying in an unromanticized method. Riss's ( Jacob Riss) powder flash photos of 'Bandits Roost', asked basic questions about the human condition in slums, which helped develop the first building codes. Lewis Hines photos helped establish the child labor laws. Upton Sinclare's book "The Jungle"(buy here = JUNGLE ) also was a prime example of applied anthropology, people remained anonymous and there were great changes in the meat packing industry as a result of this book. Anti recruiting vids. guerrilla anthropology, seeding counter views in the Muslim culture.
    The Internet could be used as a Social Change Engine in Guerrilla Anthropology( Smaller force uses fewer resources and fewer men, in unconventional-conventional ways to effect change): By applying resources (see crisis monitoring and Investigations section) and data in a web site format, we may be able to affect social change as these photographers have. We have world wide distribution. By just uniting connected or related sites on one web page we might be able to reach that critical mass that effects change.
    New uses and discoveries for the INTERNET will center around "PROCESS" & "ORGANIZATION". Strategy defines structure

    What is a "Social Change Engine"?

    We are still working on this concept but as it evolves it has taken several forms.
    It can have the makings of a well built "bonfire" but as yet unlit. We kind of gather the tinder, sticks and logs, stack them properly and await someone to come along and light them.
    Another form is "critical mass" where we gather diverse elements already with web pages on the subject and make key communication connections in conjunction with listing resources.
    Or we may organize and enlist allies facilitating communications among interested parties and broaden the 'interest base'.
    Generally they focus on aspects of human culture and change.
    Obviously we are learning as we go, grow and develop.
    What are some of it's elements?
    We scour the Internet for resources, related web pages, action organizations and investigate these listing the appropriate ones at the 'Social Change Engine' site. Spider sites engage these "site's" search engines.
    Develop 'resource communicators' and referral motors.
    Plan deployment.
    Identify target audiences and facilitators.
    Make all communications connections.
    There is a heavy communications aspect and ability attached to these pages frequently transparent.
    We then generally list heavily with the search engines.
    The maintenance aspect is on going and continual, for new concepts, listings, or 'pro & con' sites and the monitoring of new players
    These paradigms can be used against the terrorists in the form of 'social change engines and Guerrilla anthropology.
    We can win the Internet information war, counter terrorist advances and recruitment but we need the leadership and foresight to move and act.
    Our Blog.
    Who uses our toolbar?
    My associates and I have been engaged in

    counter and competitive intelligence initiatives

    for many years now, directly and peripherally.

    Until recently the majority of our work has been

    performed predominantly in the private sector

    arena, for a select client base. ( Powerpoint available, services )

    We've recently decided to make a shift and provide

    a glimpse of some of our available services and

    capabilities, to the mainstream general public.

    Actually, the "toolbar" is part of our public initiative.

    Under the news radar, out of sight of the world

    media, is considerable part of militant Islam's

    fight for power. Its taking the form of a magazine

    and graphics INFORMATION war on the internet, which

    we are loosing.

    At stake is a phenomenon with major implications

    for the future security of the United States and

    risk to its Western allies -- the steady, stealthy

    secret indoctrination and education of an entire

    new generation of Muslim youth in a radicalized,

    aggressive, militant vision of radical Islam. These people

    (Muslims) are deceived by a bastardazation of their religion and the

    false Mujahideen. The radicalizing propaganda on

    the web is expanding by the day, improving in

    sophistication, quality and quanity. This false Islam ideology

    remains largely unopposed.

    We are pushing a counter-ideology, and bringing a

    response to the new battle arena, the internet.
    Using the Koran we are countering al Qa'ida's lies, exposing
    the false spin they use on Islam..
    We provide this information to our toolbar users.

    An "armchair mujahid" becomes converted via the

    internet propaganda, from a sympathizer with the general aims

    of the jihad to a motivated foot-soldier, jihadist,

    sucide bomber. We expose this propaganda with quotes from the Koran.

    Michael Chertoff, head of US Homeland Security,

    warned that people don't need to travel to a

    country with "-stan" in its name to become

    radicalized and commit acts of violence. Instead,

    they can now turn to the Internet. "They can train

    themselves over the Internet. They never have to

    necessarily go to the training camp or speak with

    anybody else and that diffusion of a combination of

    hatred and technical skills in things like

    bomb-making is a dangerous combination."

    Those are the kind of terrorists that we may not be

    able to detect with spies and satellites.

    How the terrorists are using the Internet is the

    key to defeating them. They LIE to Moslems.

    * Psychological Warfare:
    "The Internet—an uncensored medium that carries stories, pictures,

    threats, or messages regardless of their validity

    or potential impact—is peculiarly well suited to

    allowing even a small group to amplify its message

    and exaggerate the groups importance and the threat it

    USA defends Muslims.

    * Publicity and Propaganda:
    "Until the advent of the Internet, terrorists' hopes of winning

    publicity for their causes and activities depended

    on attracting the attention of television, radio,

    or the print media. These traditional media have

    "selection thresholds" (multistage processes of

    editorial selection) that terrorists often cannot

    reach. No such thresholds, of course, exist on the

    terrorists' own websites, and forums and chat rooms."
    They have "News sites" with false stories and dis-information.
    We teach our toolbar users how to spot dis-information.
    These are designed to incite readers with lies, and false 'News' stories.

    * Data Mining:
    "Like many other Internet users,

    terrorists have access not only to maps and

    diagrams of potential targets but also to imaging

    data on those same facilities and networks that may

    reveal counterterrorist activities at a target

    site. One captured al Qaeda computer contained

    engineering and structural features of a dam, which

    had been downloaded from the Internet and which

    would enable al Qaeda engineers and planners to

    simulate catastrophic failures."

    * Fundraising:
    "The Sunni extremist group Hizb al-Tahrir uses an integrated web of Internet sites,

    stretching from Europe to Africa, which asks

    supporters to assist the effort by giving money and

    encouraging others to donate to the cause of jihad.

    Banking information, including the numbers of

    accounts into which donations can be deposited, is

    provided on a site based in Germany. The fighters

    in the Russian breakaway republic of Chechnya have

    likewise used the Internet to publicize the numbers

    of bank accounts to which sympathizers can

    contribute. (One of these Chechen bank accounts is

    located in Sacramento, California.) Some

    websites contains a a page on which visitors can

    make credit card donations."

    * Recruitment and Mobilization:
    "The SITE Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based terrorism

    research group that monitors al Qaeda's Internet

    communications, has provided chilling details of a

    high-tech recruitment drive launched in 2003 to

    recruit fighters to travel to Iraq and attack U.S.

    and coalition forces there. Potential recruits are

    bombarded with false untrue religious decrees and anti-American

    propaganda, provided with training manuals on how

    to be a terrorist, and—as they are led through a

    maze of secret chat rooms—given specific

    instructions on how to make the journey to Iraq."
    Currently they produce several terrorist magazines some weekly, and
    post them on the web to 20 or 40 different public servers.

    * Networking:
    "Many terrorist groups, among them Hamas and al Qaeda, have undergone a

    transformation from strictly hierarchical

    organizations with designated leaders to

    affiliations of semi-independent cells that have no

    single commanding hierarchy. Through the use of the

    Internet, these loosely interconnected groups are

    able to maintain contact with one another—and with

    members of other terrorist groups." And recruit new members.

    * Sharing Information:
    "Another manual, The Mujahadeen Poisons Handbook, written by Abdel-Aziz

    in 1996 and 'published' on the official Hamas

    website, details in twenty-three pages how to

    prepare various homemade poisons, poisonous gases,

    and other deadly materials for use in terrorist

    attacks. A much larger manual, nicknamed 'The

    Encyclopedia of Jihad' and prepared by al Qaeda,

    runs to thousands of pages; distributed through the

    Internet, it offers detailed instructions on how to

    establish an underground organization and execute


    * Planning and Coordination:
    "Hamas activists in the Middle East, for example, use chat rooms to

    plan operations and operatives exchange e-mail to

    coordinate actions across Gaza, the West Bank,

    Lebanon, and Israel. Instructions in the form of

    maps, photographs, directions, and technical

    details of how to use explosives are often

    disguised by means of steganography, which involves

    hiding messages inside graphic files."

    Virtual Jihad :

    The Internet as the ideal terrorism recruiting tool

    If you read Arabic and want a degree in jihad,

    click on If you're

    lucky--the site disappears and reappears--you will

    see a post that belongs to the Global Islamic Media

    Front (GIMF). It announces the "Al Qaeda University

    of Jihad Studies." According to Ahmad al-Wathiq

    Billah, the GIMF.

    "Deputy General Emir," students "pass through

    faculties devoted to the cause of the caliphate

    with morale boosting religious posts and attack videos." and the site

    offers specialization in "electronic, media,

    spiritual and financial jihad."

    The Internet has long been essential for terrorism,

    but what has surprised us is the growth of

    such Islamist (radical Islam) and jihadist sites.

    Their continuing rise suggests that recruitment for

    a "holy war" against the West could proceed

    unabated, despite capture of key leaders.

    According to Gabriel Weimann, a professor of

    communications at the University of Haifa in

    Israel, the number of all terrorist Web

    sites--those advocating or inciting terrorism or

    political violence--has grown from a dozen in 1997

    to almost 4,700 today, a nearly 400-fold increase.

    (By comparison, the total number of Web sites has

    risen about 50- to 100-fold.)

    The war in Iraq provides motivation for

    radicals, Islamofacisits, and the Internet appears to be

    facilitating them, even if legitimate governments

    shun them. "We are talking about groups that are

    opposed and persecuted all over the Arab and Muslim

    world, so the Internet becomes the only alternative

    to spread their messages," says Reu­ven Paz,

    director of PRISM (Project for the Research of

    Islamist Movements), a watchdog group in Herzliya,

    Israel. The spread "is like an attempt to create a

    virtual Islamic nation", and training camp.

    Scott Atran, a research director at the Jean Nicod

    Institute of the CNRS in Paris, studies the group

    dynamics of terrorists. He notes that the attackers

    of Madrid, London and Bali were autonomous groups,

    like "swarms that aggregate to strike and then

    vanish." The open, anarchic structure of the

    Internet supports this "chaotic dynamics" modus

    operandi as a way for militants to recruit new

    members and look for goals or inspiration. "Without

    the Internet, the extreme fragmentation and

    decentralization of the jihadi movement into a

    still functioning global network just would not be

    possible," Atran argues. "I think we can expect

    more independent attacks by autonomous groups

    because of the Internet."
    Here he is wrong, it is not "because" of the Internet but with or using the Internet.

    Atran, who has interviewed several radical

    jihadists, says that the Internet has spread a

    homogenized, flat false notion of Islam, one that has

    little to do with Islamic tradition. The militants

    express a message of martyrdom for the sake of

    global jihad as life's noblest cause. "I was very

    surprised to find, from the suburbs of Paris to the

    jungles of Indonesia, that people gave to me

    basically the same stuff, in the same words
    ," Atran

    says. A Globalization of this false Islam facisistism.

    But the chat rooms and forums can serve as a method for

    spreading life-affirming Islamic ideas as it does for terrorist ones.

    Convincing jihadists of alternative values, tridational Islamic values would be

    a long process, he admits. Posting in forums works.

    Even talking to them in forums BEFORE they become

    Jihadist can delay or stop the radicalization. Currently we are loosing the Internet media war,

    they are getting their ideas out there and NO ONE

    is presenting a traditional Islamic Ideas.
    By using the Terrorist toolbar to post the truth.
    We have our own Cyber corps countering the terrorist.
    We provide text and videos and a list of Islamic forums.

    What does the IAterror toolbar let me do?
    Fight terrorism or just stay informed with Intel "NOT ON TV".
    Terrorist are spreading their HATE and lies on the WWW. You can post the truth in the same forums they use, counter their lies with the truth.
    We provide state of the art security and guide lines.
    Even an encrypted IM so you can counter-terrorist surf with a buddy (recommended) and keep in touch.
    Join our "cyber corps", for tips and help. We give you Tools for evidence collection and reporting links.

    *Stop the terrorist from winning the Internet media war, Post.

    TOOLBAR Includes FREE: Arabic Keyboard, 1000

    terrorist sites, "Al Qaeda" manual, steganography

    tools, translation Arabic to English, and a list of

    forums they use, Encrypted email and IM. Music Juke

    box, all FREE, to help in your Anti-terrorist surfing.

    Free EASY VPN, Proxy tester, Intel updates,

    Investigative TOOLS, SECURITY systems, Trackers, tracers, bots.

    Terrorism SOURCES and a group to work with if you want.

    Knowledge Base, Gov. Sources, VIDEOS, posting tools, who owns site, location etc.

    Screen grabber, NAS AND CIA PHONE NUMBERS, CUSTOM RSS feeds,

    Also NBC survival FAQ. Radiation and Blast Caculators,
    http://sunbeltblog.blogspot .com/2006/10/terrorism-toolbar .html

    Combat Terrorism Toolbar:


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