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    Saturday, October 21, 2006




    My associates and I have been engaged in

    counter and competitive intelligence initiatives

    for many years now, directly and peripherally.

    Until recently the majority of our work has been

    performed predominantly in the private sector

    arena, for a select client base. ( Powerpoint available, services )

    We've recently decided to make a shift and provide

    a glimpse of some of our available services and

    capabilities, to the mainstream general public.

    Actually, the "toolbar" is part of this public initiative.

    Under the news radar, out of sight of the world

    media, is considerable part of militant Islam's

    fight for power. Its taking the form of a magazine

    and graphics INFORMATION war on the internet, which

    we are loosing.

    At stake is a phenomenon with major implications

    for the future security of the United States and

    risk to its Western allies -- the steady, stealthy

    secret indoctrination and education of an entire

    new generation of Muslim youth in a radicalized,

    aggressive, militant vision of radical Islam. These people

    (Muslims) are deceived by a bastardazation of their religion and the

    false Mujahideen. The radicalizing propaganda on

    the web is expanding by the day, improving in

    sophistication, quality and quanity. This false Islam ideology

    remains largely unopposed.

    We are pushing a counter-ideology, and bringing a

    response to the new battle arena, the internet.

    Using the Koran we are countering al Qa'ida's lies, exposing

    the false spin they use on Islam..

    We provide this information to our toolbar users.

    An "armchair mujahid" becomes converted via the

    internet propaganda, from a sympathizer with the general aims

    of the jihad to a motivated foot-soldier, jihadist,

    sucide bomber. We expose this propaganda with quotes from the Koran.

    Michael Chertoff, head of US Homeland Security,

    warned that people don't need to travel to a

    country with "-stan" in its name to become

    radicalized and commit acts of violence. Instead,

    they can now turn to the Internet. "They can train

    themselves over the Internet. They never have to

    necessarily go to the training camp or speak with

    anybody else and that diffusion of a combination of

    hatred and technical skills in things like

    bomb-making is a dangerous combination."

    Those are the kind of terrorists that we may not be

    able to detect with spies and satellites.

    How the terrorists are using the Internet is the

    key to defeating them. They LIE to Moslems.

    * Psychological Warfare:

    "The Internet—an uncensored medium that carries stories, pictures,

    threats, or messages regardless of their validity

    or potential impact—is peculiarly well suited to

    allowing even a small group to amplify its message

    and exaggerate the groups importance and the threat it


    * Publicity and Propaganda:

    "Until the advent of the Internet, terrorists' hopes of winning

    publicity for their causes and activities depended

    on attracting the attention of television, radio,

    or the print media. These traditional media have

    "selection thresholds" (multistage processes of

    editorial selection) that terrorists often cannot

    reach. No such thresholds, of course, exist on the

    terrorists' own websites, and forums and chat rooms."

    They have "News sites" with false stories and dis-information.

    We teach our toolbar users how to spot dis-information.

    These are designed to incite readers with lies, and false 'News' stories.

    * Data Mining:

    "Like many other Internet users,

    terrorists have access not only to maps and

    diagrams of potential targets but also to imaging

    data on those same facilities and networks that may

    reveal counterterrorist activities at a target

    site. One captured al Qaeda computer contained

    engineering and structural features of a dam, which

    had been downloaded from the Internet and which

    would enable al Qaeda engineers and planners to

    simulate catastrophic failures."

    * Fundraising:

    "The Sunni extremist group Hizb al-Tahrir uses an integrated web of Internet sites,

    stretching from Europe to Africa, which asks

    supporters to assist the effort by giving money and

    encouraging others to donate to the cause of jihad.

    Banking information, including the numbers of

    accounts into which donations can be deposited, is

    provided on a site based in Germany. The fighters

    in the Russian breakaway republic of Chechnya have

    likewise used the Internet to publicize the numbers

    of bank accounts to which sympathizers can

    contribute. (One of these Chechen bank accounts is

    located in Sacramento, California.) Some

    websites contains a a page on which visitors can

    make credit card donations."

    * Recruitment and Mobilization:

    "The SITE Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based terrorism

    research group that monitors al Qaeda's Internet

    communications, has provided chilling details of a

    high-tech recruitment drive launched in 2003 to

    recruit fighters to travel to Iraq and attack U.S.

    and coalition forces there. Potential recruits are

    bombarded with false untrue religious decrees and anti-American

    propaganda, provided with training manuals on how

    to be a terrorist, and—as they are led through a

    maze of secret chat rooms—given specific

    instructions on how to make the journey to Iraq."

    Currently they produce several terrorist magazines some weekly, and

    post them on the web to 20 or 40 different public servers.

    * Networking:

    "Many terrorist groups, among them Hamas and al Qaeda, have undergone a

    transformation from strictly hierarchical

    organizations with designated leaders to

    affiliations of semi-independent cells that have no

    single commanding hierarchy. Through the use of the

    Internet, these loosely interconnected groups are

    able to maintain contact with one another—and with

    members of other terrorist groups." And recruit new members.

    * Sharing Information:

    "Another manual, The Mujahadeen Poisons Handbook, written by Abdel-Aziz

    in 1996 and 'published' on the official Hamas

    website, details in twenty-three pages how to

    prepare various homemade poisons, poisonous gases,

    and other deadly materials for use in terrorist

    attacks. A much larger manual, nicknamed 'The

    Encyclopedia of Jihad' and prepared by al Qaeda,

    runs to thousands of pages; distributed through the

    Internet, it offers detailed instructions on how to

    establish an underground organization and execute


    * Planning and Coordination:

    "Hamas activists in the Middle East, for example, use chat rooms to

    plan operations and operatives exchange e-mail to

    coordinate actions across Gaza, the West Bank,

    Lebanon, and Israel. Instructions in the form of

    maps, photographs, directions, and technical

    details of how to use explosives are often

    disguised by means of steganography, which involves

    hiding messages inside graphic files."

    Virtual Jihad :

    The Internet as the ideal terrorism recruiting tool

    If you read Arabic and want a degree in jihad,

    click on If you're

    lucky--the site disappears and reappears--you will

    see a post that belongs to the Global Islamic Media

    Front (GIMF). It announces the "Al Qaeda University

    of Jihad Studies." According to Ahmad al-Wathiq

    Billah, the GIMF.

    "Deputy General Emir," students "pass through

    faculties devoted to the cause of the caliphate

    with morale boosting religious posts and attack videos." and the site

    offers specialization in "electronic, media,

    spiritual and financial jihad."

    The Internet has long been essential for terrorism,

    but what has surprised us is the growth of

    such Islamist (radical Islam) and jihadist sites.

    Their continuing rise suggests that recruitment for

    a "holy war" against the West could proceed

    unabated, despite capture of key leaders.

    According to Gabriel Weimann, a professor of

    communications at the University of Haifa in

    Israel, the number of all terrorist Web

    sites--those advocating or inciting terrorism or

    political violence--has grown from a dozen in 1997

    to almost 4,700 today, a nearly 400-fold increase.

    (By comparison, the total number of Web sites has

    risen about 50- to 100-fold.)

    The war in Iraq provides motivation for

    radicals, Islamofacisits, and the Internet appears to be

    facilitating them, even if legitimate governments

    shun them. "We are talking about groups that are

    opposed and persecuted all over the Arab and Muslim

    world, so the Internet becomes the only alternative

    to spread their messages," says Reu­ven Paz,

    director of PRISM (Project for the Research of

    Islamist Movements), a watchdog group in Herzliya,

    Israel. The spread "is like an attempt to create a

    virtual Islamic nation", and training camp.

    Scott Atran, a research director at the Jean Nicod

    Institute of the CNRS in Paris, studies the group

    dynamics of terrorists. He notes that the attackers

    of Madrid, London and Bali were autonomous groups,

    like "swarms that aggregate to strike and then

    vanish." The open, anarchic structure of the

    Internet supports this "chaotic dynamics" modus

    operandi as a way for militants to recruit new

    members and look for goals or inspiration. "Without

    the Internet, the extreme fragmentation and

    decentralization of the jihadi movement into a

    still functioning global network just would not be

    possible," Atran argues. "I think we can expect

    more independent attacks by autonomous groups

    because of the Internet."

    Here he is wrong, it is not "because" of the Internet but with or using the Internet.

    Atran, who has interviewed several radical

    jihadists, says that the Internet has spread a

    homogenized, flat false notion of Islam, one that has

    little to do with Islamic tradition. The militants

    express a message of martyrdom for the sake of

    global jihad as life's noblest cause. "I was very

    surprised to find, from the suburbs of Paris to the

    jungles of Indonesia, that people gave to me

    basically the same stuff, in the same words
    ," Atran

    says. A Globalization of this false Islam facisistism.

    But the chat rooms and forums can serve as a method for

    spreading life-affirming Islamic ideas as it does for terrorist ones.

    Convincing jihadists of alternative values, tridational Islamic values would be

    a long process, he admits. Posting in forums works.

    Even talking to them in forums BEFORE they become

    Jihadist can delay or stop the radicalization. Currently we are loosing the Internet media war,

    they are getting their ideas out there and NO ONE

    is presenting a traditional Islamic Ideas.


    By using the Terrorist toolbar to post the truth.

    We provide text and videos and a list of Islamic forums.

    What does the IAterror toolbar let me do?
    Fight terrorism or just stay informed with Intel "NOT ON TV".
    Terrorist are spreading their HATE and lies on the WWW. You can post the truth in the same forums they use, counter their lies with the truth.
    We provide state of the art security and guide lines.
    Even an encrypted IM so you can counter-terrorist surf with a buddy (recommended) and keep in touch.
    Join our "cyber corps", for tips and help. We give you Tools for evidence collection and reporting links.

    *Stop the terrorist from winning the Internet media war, Post.

    TOOLBAR Includes FREE: Arabic Keyboard, 1000

    terrorist sites, "Al Qaeda" manual, steganography

    tools, translation Arabic to English, and a list of

    forums they use, Encrypted email and IM. Music Juke

    box, all FREE, to help in your Anti-terrorist surfing.

    Free EASY VPN, Proxy tester, Intel updates,

    Investigative TOOLS, SECURITY systems, Trackers, tracers, bots.

    Terrorism SOURCES and a group to work with if you want.

    Knowledge Base, Gov. Sources, VIDEOS, posting tools, who owns site, location etc.

    Screen grabber, NAS AND CIA PHONE NUMBERS, CUSTOM RSS feeds,

    Also NBC survival FAQ. Radiation and Blast Caculators,

    http://sunbeltblog.blogspot .com/2006/10/terrorism-toolbar .html


    Combat Terrorism Toolbar:

    Internet Anthropologist


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