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    Sunday, July 30, 2006

    Worst Case, problematic questions.

    Worst Case, problematic questions.

    What would Iran do with a nuclear weapon?
    Use it as a deterrent like N. Korea?

    Iran has indicated a desire to wipe out Israel.

    First problem, N. Korea has nuclear weapons,
    their best threat is to load it on to a Panamanian registered ship and
    sail it into one of our harbours.

    Or give one to Iran, who gives it to Hezbollah.
    And they use it in an suicide attack.

    Could we tell where the weapon came from, N. Korea or stolen from the
    former USSR?

    If there was a nuke in Lebanon, how would Israel monitor for it?

    If N. Korea put one on a ship, how would USA monitor for it?

    Our ports are wide open.

    Disturbing Questions.


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