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    Sunday, July 30, 2006



    Iraq and Afghan:
    We were attacked on 9.11 and USA took over (2) TWO country's in the Middle East. We now have 150,000 troops in Iran's back yard.

    Many Muslims blame Binny, for us now having a huge power base in Middle East. What countries will we take over if attacked again? So far no one wants to find out what we will do if attacked again.

    N. Korea:
    Sudden shift in Bush's approach towards problem, give it time. China's displeasure with N.Korea. Stealing trains and Japan developing offensive capablities.
    N. Korea 300,000 people in concentration camps, starving populace.
    Secret program to take Krazy Kim down, now with China's help.
    Kim is now uninsurable.

    The current Israel attack has been 5 years in the planning. USA doesn't have enough pull to get a UN approval for an attack on Iran, BUT, we can respond to a situation where we are defending Israel and just happen to wipe out Iran's nuke ability and behead Iran's leaders.
    We have given them a green light.
    In this paradigm we will back Israel's move, hoping to pull Iran into a fight.

    Results from this Paradigm:
    Kim dies, and we get someone more reasonable to deal with.

    Iran looses their nuke ability, and current leaders replaced.

    Which would also bring some respite to the terror support in Iraq.

    Any other 3rd world countries would understand you develop "nukes" and your leaders are 'gone'.
    Developments and activities currently point to the validation of this paradigm.



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