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    Saturday, March 13, 2010

    Security Vendors frag themselves

    Security Vendors continue to shoot themselves
    in the Foot.

    "Ethical concerns mean that security firms do not allow their infrastructure to be used in sending spam or running attacks against victims. By monitoring such instructions it's therefore possible for cybercrooks to program command and control servers to disable or simply ignore these machines, thus depriving security firms of vital intelligence in how zombie botnets are operating in the real world."

    Some bot nets run 13 million zombies.
    And the Security Vendors have problems letting
    just on of those infected PCs run  to collect 

    Their ethical concerns are at the very least misguided
    and at most incompetence.

    The hackers and malware Vendors are kicking the Security
    Vendors ass at every turn.

    And they are playing a poor second best, and promoting
    their security products with misnomers if not out right

    The stogy ineffective Security Vendors are are blind 
    sidling the public by developing policys and programing
    methods that require all other security products to be
    uninstalled and not making their security products
    compatible with other Vendors.

    They are not defending their turf, there are 500+
    fake Security Vendors on the WWW now.

    Our testes of the basic function of these vendors
    points to their incompetence, most of the time 
    virus are spotted by anti vir programs 80% of the
    time, if you use multiple anti vir programs this
    increases to around 95%.

    But the vendors block the use of other Security products
    with their products, making the user less safe.

    I would suggest that "Ethical concerns mean that security firms do not allow their infrastructure to be used in sending spam or running attacks against victims."
    are misguided.
    Doctors run double blind tests where one group gets sugar pills while the other 
    group gets the real medicine.

    Some times the members that don't get the real Med.
    If the Medical profession can ethically run double blind tests
    then certainly the Security Vendors can allow some
    of the millions of bots to run to collect intelligence to kill
    the bot farms.

    The Security Vendors are already so far behind
    the hackers, they don't need unnecessary misguided
    handicaps preventing them from collecting Intelligence.

    So far I rate the Security Vendors a "D" failing grade.
    They are NOT getting the job done.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.




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