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    Thursday, February 04, 2010

    Paradigm for Transnational Terrorist in the Gap.

    Paradigm in flux.

    Exclusive Paradigm Intel.
    The Military is working out a new paradigm to deal with
    transnational terrorist. 
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    One that doesn't include invasion, ground troops, and a much
    smaller foot print and significantly lowered costs.

    Bin laden has said he can send a man to the end of the Earth and raise an
    al Qaeda flag and the USA will send a General to that area.

    He was expressing the difference in cost between sending a Man vs a American

    A single heavy weapons squad can make the noise of a big insurgency
    when in fact they are not. They hook up with the criminal element and they
    have an instant loud news worthy insurgency for a very small cost on all levels.

    The most effective response to such "insurgencys" may be CIA hit teams,
    backed by drones, much cheaper than sending in a Fixed army and more effective.

    CIA on the ground and swarms of drones, thousands of drones on call.

    Proof of concept:


    Predators pound terrorist camp in North Waziristan

    A swarm of unmanned US aircraft pounded an al Qaeda camp today in the Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan.
    Five unmanned US strike aircraft, likely the Predators and Reapers, are reported to have fired 18 missiles at a camp and vehicles in the village of Datta Khel, a known al Qaeda and Taliban stronghold. This is the largest recorded US airstrike in Pakistan, indicating a top al Qaeda, Taliban, or Haqqani Network leader, or leaders, may have been present.
    Seventeen terrorists are reported to have been killed in the missile attack.


    New technology will limit civilian casualties, smaller more accurate smarter munitions,
    and expanded intelligence collecting, Humint and Electronic.
    This method doesn't involve the SysAdmin nation building paradigm.
    Its just targeted to removing the Cancer, or al Qaeda cult cadre.

    This new paradigm puts the US Military on par with the terrorist
    in reference to retaliative inexpensive counter attacks,
    and the ability to spread counter strikes around the world 
    as the al Qaeda cult expands in the GAP.

    Its a short term solution to the spreading al Qaeda cult,
    and relieves tension and security concerns around an US
    invasion of other countries in the GAP.

    Thousands of stealthy long range un-manned remote controlled drones
    tied to CIA intelligence teams maybe an effective response to 
    to al Qaeda cult heavy weapon squads deployed to start
    insurgencys any where in the GAP.

    Cost effective, reduced risk, smaller footprint, less threating and
    faster deployment than traditional invasions or man power, which 
    are troop intensive and can be targeted by IEDs.

    But still leaves the problems of connecting the GAP to the CORE
    with a new SysAdmin paradigm.




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