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    Monday, February 08, 2010

    Iran is SCREWED

    Comment from "Iranian INFO SEC professional" ?

    "I am really wonderful how you evaluating the capability of other nation? that is what i believed the US lack of knowledge about Iran (and maybe other nations) in all aspects . you think these stuff are accurate ? not at all.i am an INFO SEC professional in IRAN.while i hope my nation can secure their network infrastructure and become one of outstanding force in Cyber-Warfare , but the truth is in cyberspace is still overlooked by gov and we suffer from lack of professionals in info-sec (we buy too many high-tech hardware and software from US but we just buy and don't know how to securely implementing them).

    peoples graduate from university , but with no up-to-date knowledge and hands on experience.this is not like the US university that the university and industry or gov are in tight relation with each most of time the basic principle of info-sec don't understood by IT professionals.people think just about writing codes , install Network devices and OS , Application without security in mind. in most case i see network OS not patched since installation and nobody think about the risk because they don't know what those patch do.i see too many network devices leaved with unsecured configuration.

    i am sure in iran we can't count more than 100 Sec-pro (the real professionals not the script kiddies that even don't know how TCP/IP work).it is odd how you estimated about 2400 cyber force.i should mentioned the possibility of using some cyber mercenaries from china , Russia of other cybercrime org. if you evaluated the other nation capability in cyber warfare (like china and US ,but they are the big one and have real capability), i can sleep tonight without nightmare."


    Come on guys this isn't ROCKET SCIENCE......

    Its not nuclear science either,

    ha ha ha lol Iran is screwed.


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