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    Sunday, February 07, 2010

    Zbigniew finally getting it right

    Just saw Zbigniew  Brzezinski on cable with Christiane Amanpour.

    He seemed to be on track now but he lead the Carter team down
    almost every wrong turn there was on Iran and the Hostage problem.

    US backed the Shah.
    They gave the Rezā Shāh PahlaviShah of Iran confused signals about
    the developing civil war, refused to let the new regime check the Shah's
    health when they gave him entrance to US. 

    He didn't stop the Iraq invasion of Iran when they had a solution to
    the hostage situation in hand.

    And finally didn't condemn Iraq for using chem weapons against Iran
    and voted in UN against sanctions on Iraq for use of chem weapons against

    Iran had committed a seminal violation of US sovereignty in seizing
    the US embassy and took hostages.

    An Iranian invasion of American territory the Embassy and
    he and Carter were ham strung and bumbled the entire


    And have been providing arms
    to terrorists in Iraq and Pakistan.

    Iran's regime has threatened to wipe out Israel.
    And has run fraudulent national elections.

    US invaded the country to Irans West and defeated their army, Iraq,
    US invaded the country to Irans East and ran the Taliban out, going
    after Bin Laden, Afghan, and have had a running war there for 8 years now.

    US thinks Bin Laden is in Pakistan who have nukes, and US didn't invade.
    Pakistan borders on Irans south/east.

    US takes all kinds of abuse from N. Korea and they have a Nuke.

    Bush has called Iran an axis of evil.

    And now for good reason neither side trusts the other.

    And Iran wants a Nuke to keep USA out.
    And the world is ready to bomb Iran if
    they actually get close to getting the bomb.

    Iran will get its clock cleaned and the key
    regime members will be killed.

    And every tank in Iran will be destroyed
    for sending IED's to Iraq and Afghan killing
    US troops.

    Negotiations might want to center around
    a US guarantee against an Iran invasion
    by USA, and conditional to the next Iranian
    election being supervised by the UN if they
    give up Nuclear programs.


    But he was right about the Internet Threat,
    Currently they don't seem able to trace attacks
    back to the originator.

    There are methods to do this but would require
    several Military cyber Battalions. And Instant
    reaction teams to track and penetrate 
    and heavy weapons squads
    to take out the original attackers PCs, and 
    Wet wear to make the arrests, or assassinations
    of the perps.
    Proxys or VPN are a small problems, there are
    work arounds.

    While he was right about the threat to human life
    is less now than during the cold war,
    there are threats that could bring down,
    USA, Russia and China all in one swoop.
    Shut down globalization, and cripple all
    the worlds major economies.

    There is the potential of shutting down
    the WWW and keeping it down.
    Which would result in a world depression.
    And there are non-state players
    that would do this.

    The threat is bigger than during cold
    war and much more real.





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