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    Wednesday, December 30, 2009

    ..worst propaganda video ever.

    The worst propaganda video ever.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Wins award: "Heads up your ass" award.
    They have produced the worst propaganda
    recruiting terrorist video of all Time.

    Starts with admonishment of no music.
    then they play music thru out the Video.

    The videos were written by al Qaeda
    in arabic and the Webmaster clan
    rewrote them and added music and
    poor english translations.

    Advanced graphics
    two editors
    Arabic with English sub titles
    Sound bites
    Photos of children the Taliban killed
    And the prisoner guest
    A spokes person with thick dialect.
    Talk of atrocities by the west.
    No mention  of their suicide bombing
    ( on American planes, EPIC FAIL.
    trying to kill women and children.G )
    villages, market places and Mosques,
    beheadings and cutting out tongues. 
    Why they cut my tongue out...
    just some water boarding.
    But then what is one to expect from those
    without honor.
    The Taliban have made 7 peace treatys
    with the Paki Govenment just to violate
    every one of the treatys.
    The al Qaeda show Taliban prisoners in
    American custody hand cuffed and blind
    folded with dark glasses and surgical mask on
    them to stop them form spitting but not one of them
    have been beheaded or had their tongue
    cut out as al Qaeda has done.

    They talk of Muslims must abide by what the Quran says
    and must treat prisoners well, is beheading prisoers
    behaving according to Allah and the Quaran.
    They speak with a black tongue out of both sides of their

    They change spokes persons often offering
    different propaganda points and lies.

    They have videos of explosions with bodies
    flying but the videos are FAKED.
    They first used this video to show US troops
     being blown up, wasn't, now they claim it
    USA blowing up Muslims, CAUGHT YOU.

    And their guest prisoner talking trying
    to preserve his life saying things the
    Taliban have taught him to say over the
    past 5 months to try and save his life.

    And more children wounded and killed by the Taliban
    suicide bombers and now tryng to blam this on USA.

    The Taliban and al Qaeda have killed more Muslims
    than they have killed Americans.

    And show many vids of Taliban headquarters being
    blown to hell.

    Third editor is working on second vid.

    And the Armed Taliban ask a afpak civilian whos
    fault all this is, guess what he says at the end of a
    Taliban gun, just what the Taliban wants him to say.
    But not the truth, about the Taliban killing over 400
    tribal leaders.

    And the poor American prisoner continues to
    speak trying to save his own life with Taliban lies.

    Third video:
    they bring back the speaker from the first video
    with the thick accent.

    And they have the American Private they took prisoner
    with false offer of hospitality speaking again.
    He is speaking about brain washing, of course at gun
    point off camera. He speaks the Taliban propaganda.
    The talks of having time to rethink things, while he was waithing
    for beheading, under armed guard, what could he say
    to save his life, we hear his words.
    The Taliban have no honor.

    And we hear from other Americans who disagree with
    Obama, but in Afpak the Taliban kill people who disagree with them.
    Taliban make a good point. Killed over 400 Tribal leaders in Afpak.

    4th tape:
    The PFC speaks of torture panties on head, nude,
    but no beheadings, or cutting out tongues to of children
    cutting off heads, The Taliban lie and have no honor.

    The PFC is a pow trapped by an offer of hospitality.
    He says he has been treated as a guest, but he is subject
    to beheading or being shot at any time, Is this how
    the Taliban treat a guest?
    Taliban have no honor.

    The Taliban have set up this PFC like a pupet
    trying to save his own life by dancing to the Taliban

    The Taliban want to trade the PFC for Taliban prisoners.

    Also noteworthy is how the jihadis have fumbled the handling of what really ought to be a propaganda victory of major proportions. The Arabic forums are at best only dimly aware of the video's release. Christmas comes one time a year, they have a American POW in their clutches.
    And have posted it to limited forums.Why.

    It is significant that the forum most closely associated with the release of this video was the English-language Ansar al-Mujahideen site, as opposed to any of the Arabic forums.

    It is a recruiting video for the weak minded Muslims in the West.
    It will trap those too weak minded to see thru the propaganda,
    the ones that accept the video on face value, not thinking it through.

    The terrorist motives are so transparent, and the lies so obvious
    it is a failure as a propaganda effort.
    They have produced the worst propaganda
    recruiting terrorist video of all Time.

    And the "HEADS UP YOUR ASS: Award goes to:
    Al-Emara Jihadic Studio
    Commission of Cultural Affairs
    Audio and Video Dept.

    "And a Witness from Her Family Witnessed "
    ( the title is actually a poor English translation of the original Arabic G. )

    High technical production,
    content misses its demographic on
    every mark. Clearly Totally screwed up
    seminal operation/oppurtunity.

    seminal operation/opportunity EPIC, EPIC fail.

    Internet Anthropologist

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    Blogger gerald said...

    Thank you StarCMC she provided the Seed link that developed into this post, tip of the Hat to her.


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