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    Sunday, December 13, 2009

    UN Disarmament treaty cyberspace, NOPE

    Disarmament treaty for cyberspace, NOPE
    The United States has begun talks with Russia and a United Nations arms control committee about strengthening Internet security and limiting military use of cyberspace.

    Mr. Sokolov characterized this new round of discussions as the opening of negotiations between Russia and the United States on a possible disarmament treaty for cyberspace, something Russia has long sought but the United States has resisted.



    "disarmament treaty for cyberspace" HUH?
    It doesn't make sense to me, how can one verify?
    Many times one can't tell where the attack orders
    came from, just track it back to some bots, dead end.

    "strengthening Internet security" is a great idea.
    And a joint, world wide effort is a very good beginning.

    "limiting military use of cyberspace. " Not do-able.
    Its too easy to use a proxy attack force, The Ruskies
    can use the RBN, and deny responsibility.

    The risks from NON-State actors is considerable
    and growing, they are not going to be party to any

    Its good they are talking but get somebody in there
    that understands the Cyber War paradigm.



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