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    Friday, October 09, 2009

    My paradigm shift.G

    I've been contacted by a Defense Corporation.
    And my Paradigm shifted.

    I've learned the Government refers
    to me as an " Intelligence Anthropologist".
    Seems I've been wearing the wrong
    hat for 8 years.
    I started out studying the Internet,
    hense the nomenclature,
    "Internet Anthropologist".

    And I've let the net guide me,
    if your listening it talks.

    I set up OSINT to listen to the
    And looked where my best fit would
    be, most useful, most challenging.

    I got into Anthropology by accident.
    It wasn't my first choice.
    But in a few years I could feel
    the power and scope of anthropology.

    My study of the Internet started
    before there was an Internet, just
    bulletin boards you could log on to
    to access private data bases.
    There were not even browsers

    So the Internet has molded me.
    Every day is exciting, and as
    it evolves exponentially I have
    had to adjust my focus.

    In the beginning I could pretty
    well keep up with everything on
    the WWW.
    But soon noted the huge growth
    in every direction.
    And I had to make choices on what
    to keep up with.

    And those choices have lead me here,
    to what I think is my highest and best use.

    5 years ago I could not have predicted
    the Internet would be HERE, or working
    like it is and on.

    I was able to predict the process,
    and context.

    Our best tools currently seem to be
    technical and theoretical.

    Tracking, tracing and peering into
    closed cells.

    The next 5 years look to be as
    exciting and challenging as the
    past 5 were.

    They certainly look to be more

    Intelligence Anthropologist



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