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    Tuesday, October 06, 2009

    Secret Terrorism Paradigm Change.

    Panning for GOLD

    Secret Terrorism Paradigm Change.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    A view from the Outside.

    Taking into consideration all the Paradigm Intel
    and closed cell viewing we have access to,
    I offer these considerations.

    Has anything really changed?
    Only the names change,
    and cadre quality will drop a measure.

    The same threat extensionally exists.
    And the Military guide " over whelming force"
    offers comfort.

    While it offers an increase in political capital,
    wait till next election for disclosure.
    Difference will be small change vs big bills.

    It smells of victory but isn't.
    If US had rebuilt Afghan after the Russians
    you wouldn't be dealing with a quagmire now.

    US has to build an infra structure and connect them
    to the core. Once that is done it is more or less
    on auto pilot.

    Infra structure will require protecting civilians
    and that means holding real estate.
    And that requires troops.

    The end game is in play,
    Id goals and objectives.
    Put the parts in place and
    continue with operation as is.

    It AIN'T broke don't fix it.
    Patience, resoluteness will pay huge

    It will break eventually, play the
    hand as big as possible till then.

    You have a winning paradigm,
    working 125%.

    Your paradigm is new,
    hugely successful,
    and setting new concepts for

    Go with the General play out
    the full paradigm.
    Test it fully you will be using it
    again in the future, create the
    tools now.

    Internet Anthropologist
    ad Magnum



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