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    Tuesday, October 06, 2009

    Surveillance up date: 10.06.09

    Surveillance up date: 10.06.09

    Odds and Ends:

    We have spotted a new browser
    in the wild that leaves, no tracks.
    Nothing, except it does leave an
    empty space where there should
    be something. NSA?

    That is the second invisible
    browser we've seen in the past
    6 mos. The first one leaves
    an easily recognizable signature.


    A Google Bot that isn't.
    A bot that spends 29 min
    and 13 seconds on TWO

    It isn't a google bot, its
    someone disguised as
    a bot, this usually triggers
    our security monitoring system
    and a security team.


    We have increased our
    BSU's from a max of
    100,000 to 129,000
    bots. In anticipation of
    future engagements.


    The "Sunday" attack on Germany
    threat by al Qaeda has drawn
    intensive Internet Intelligence
    ops from all over the world.

    The message seems to be
    you promote a threat and they
    loose their site.

    Rather than reporting the threat
    on the terrorist sites, they
    deleted my post.


    We have several special ops
    teams deployed, and recon teams
    active and BSU's tracking.


    Iranian Internet teams are very
    active trying to pinpoint the
    time and date of the attack on
    their nukes and have some
    antiquated cyber weapons
    ready to be deployed.
    Mostly for PR reasons
    and to try an lul the regime
    into thinking IT black hats
    are on top of it, they aren't.
    One of (sic) hackers
    has even taken to wearing a
    ACTUAL black hat.
    LOL ROF.

    when they move we will burn them.


    Tactical Internet Systems analyst




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