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    Thursday, August 13, 2009

    Obama took by surprise.

    Obama took by surprise.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    His team is very astute, setting new paradigms.

    Even his personal OSINT is good.

    But he is missing a CI team.

    If he had a Competitive Intelliegence teams
    on his big paradigms, he could have seen
    this town hall meeting sabotage coming and
    pre-empted it.
    And have the health bill momentum.

    The big Corporates and their Lobbyist
    created this insurgency. With Emails,
    Mail, Internet, phones, TV and Papers.

    It was an organized planned and
    timed operation. They are operating in four
    theaters, Government, Internet, Cable and Print.

    Their moves have been coordinated across
    all four theaters.

    I watched a CNN program about Want and where
    all the lies and scare tactics were coming form
    and who was doing it. Good stuff, in depth
    investigative reporting.
    And the commercial at every break
    was a commercial presenting all
    the lies and scary whoring.

    The insurgents bought their way into their own
    expose'a. Spreading the lies and
    scare propaganda during a program
    exposing their lies and methods.

    They are good and have huge Balls.

    A good CI team could have prepared Obama
    for the Info war, the insurgent winning the hearts and
    minds with lies and obfuscation.
    Scaring senior citizens then empowering them
    towards aggressive action.

    I think the part Obama missed was the impact
    the Internet would have on the Government,
    print and Cable and people.

    The Internet is a force multiplier.

    Some of us know this, and use the Internet as a
    force multiplier sets traps, burns up insurgents
    time and resources, pre- prepared counter attacks
    to regain and keep momentum.

    The Internet Paradigm is expanding.......

    Their top gun gets $2,000,000 dollars ( Lobbyists ), and for that bribe he will lie for the insurgents.

    "Then, Senator Grassley, who according to Joan Wash at has “been held up as a paragon of reason and bipartisan comity,” went totally rogue and, in my opinion, went even beyond Sarah Palin’s (now tempered) original rant.

    Here are some of Grassley’s comments made during town hall meetings in Iowa yesterday:

    Referring to counseling for end-of-life, Grassley told the crowd: “And from that standpoint, you have every right to fear… We should not have a government program that determines if you’re going to pull the plug on grandma.” "



    He knows he is lying, somebody with some guts censure him.

    Is paying a congressman to lie a Crime?

    CI is our primary business.

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