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    Saturday, July 25, 2009

    Feds using Ponzi scam

    One of the biggest threats to the USA is its own Ponzi scam.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    The feds are buying its own Treasury Bonds...

    The Feds actions are threatening USA's position as the
    worlds reserve currency.

    As a Stock broker I had wrote an article for the News
    papers about the fall of Russia 3 years before its collapse.

    My manager at the local office killed the story,
    the main point of the story was the power of the
    US Government to combat Russia in the cold war
    with its power selling US Debt.

    Russia had to fund its defense spending with cash,
    while USA could sell US Bonds to fund its defense
    programs, and just out spent Russia.

    Russia's attempt to keep up with US defense
    spending ultimately lead to its collapse.

    That ability to sell US debt to other nations
    is at risk.

    The world now views US debt with a jaundiced eye.
    After the US banks left the world banking systems
    with a liquidity problems from the toxic sub-prime
    paper debacle, leading to the current World Depression.

    The US Government has rewarded the US corporate banking
    mafia with huge cash awards. $2.7 TRILLION DOLLARS.

    THE US BANKING MAFIA is not trusted by world governments
    for good reasons, leading to the dumping of US treasury bonds
    by Governments friendly to the US.

    This is at a time when the US Government has record deficits.
    And record for planed sales of US Gov.Bonds.

    This banking Mafia is involved in Loan Sharking to blind
    widows at 402% interest rates, 30% credit card loans,
    and no restraints on the past crimes and bad paper issued
    by this banking mafia.

    The Banking Mafia is a cancer in the US economic system.
    They spent $3 billion dollars on lobbyist last year, BUYING
    CROOKED US Congressmen.

    Much like the world doesn't trust Iran to have nukes when
    they are killing their own citizens for protesting.

    The world doesn't trust US financial system with
    a Banking Mafia functioning as loan sharks
    on America's poorest citizens.

    The Government has rewarded the US Banking
    Mafia to the tune of $2,7 trillion dollars.
    For bringing on the World Depression.
    USA has abrogated it fiduciary responsibility
    to the world and US citizens by supporting
    the US Banking Mafia.

    On the flip side we have the USA Government
    buying its own debt/bonds. WTF?
    The Feds buying Treasuries in volume is going
    to put astronomical pressures on Inflation goods,,
    and devaluation of the Dollar; simultaneously.

    Its like writting as second BAD check
    to cover the first BAD check.
    Smells like Ponzi.

    Berni only did $60 billion in his ponzi scam.
    The world is looking at a US Government Ponzi
    scam in the range of 7 Trillion USD.

    Until the Feds crack down on the Baniking
    Mafia, usury laws, criminal actions on
    Sub-prime paper, re-instarement of Glass
    Segal, to protect the public.

    The world sees USA now, just as it did
    during the toxic paper debacal, enabling
    criminal bankiing activiry.

    USA has done nothing to prevent banks
    from more toxic paper disasters.
    EXCEPT give the Mafia Coprorate Banks
    $2.7 trillion dollars.

    Is there any wonder why world Governments
    are dumping US Treasury's?

    USA's inaction makes dealing with US
    banks feel HI RISK.

    USA permitted the Banking Toxic paper
    world depression, rewarded the banks with
    $2.7 trillion USD. Have taken no criminal
    actions against the Banking Mafia,
    and the laws still allow the Banking Mafia
    to do it again.
    And allow the Banking Mafia loan sharking
    And the Banking Mafia spent 3 Billion dollars
    on buying Congressmen, with Lobbyists.
    ( From the money Congress and the Federal
    Reserve gave the Banks, $2.7 Trillion.)


    Series 7 & 13

    1st Ponzi scam:
    2nd is Fed Buying Treasurys.

    American Banking Mafia, worlds biggest criminal combine.


    Treasurys Down; Upcoming Supply Overshadows Bernanke

    Overnight, Japan sold Y1.1 trillion ($11.7 billion) in 20-year government securities, which garnered the weakest demand since April. This again raised "concerns about the market's appetite for government debt the world over," said Dan Greenhaus, bond market analyst at Miller, Tabak & Co in New York.

    Policymakers in China are concerned the Fed's unprecedented easing of monetary policy, including a program to buy up to $300 billion Treasurys, and U.S. fiscal deficits will drive up inflation and weaken the dollar. That would erode the value of China's vast holdings of Treasurys at a time when the U.S. needs to borrow to finance its deficit.

    The U.S. government is likely to sell a record amount of government debt for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, estimated by some economists to top $2 trillion, to fund surging budget shortfalls and fund economic stimulus and bank rescue programs.


    Hong Kong testing switch from US dollars to renminbi

    US$22 billion worth of renminbi bonds have been released in seven issues. And the operation of these services has been smooth, with a steady increase of RMB deposits and a stable exchange rate.


    Brazil, Canada Pull Money Out Of Treasurys

    By Deborah Levine


    It's the quiet ones that surprise you.

    Brazil and Canada were among big sellers of Treasurys in the latest month for which data is available and the previous year, catching analysts off guard and raising speculation that quieter nations may be concerned about investing in the U.S.

    Brazil and Russia, which along with India and China are part of the so-called BRIC countries, have expressed concern with the strength of the U.S. dollar. It was therefore not so surprising that the two countries reduced their holdings of Treasurys in May, according to the latest data available from the Treasury International Capital report released last week. The two are among the largest holders of Treasurys.

    But Canada, the biggest trading partner for the U.S., has publicly said nothing of the sort. Taiwan and France were also notable sellers of Treasurys in the latest month.

    "It's a bit like friendly fire," said Michael Woolfolk, senior currency strategist at The Bank of New York Mellon. "We saw some record selling of long-term Treasurys and that's exactly the kind of thing Wall Street and the government have been worried about for years, and it came from some unexpected places."


    Second thought:
    The Government did such a good job with
    General Motors, the same should be done
    with the Banking Mafia, gut them reset
    Interest rates, also prosecute CEO's, and
    horse whip the Lobbyists.

    That would be a good start. G.




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