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    Thursday, July 23, 2009

    Bin Laden Son reported killed in Pakistan

    Bin Laden Son reported killed in Pakistan

    May have a hair lip. G

    From our sources inside beltway.

    Saad, 29, the third oldest son of Osama bin Laden, was spotted with his entourage in March in Swat and has been very, very careful to stay out of drone areas. Saad has disappeared, true, but so has Gadahn, and we know he is alive.
    I remain skeptical and lean towards the bin Ladens having gone to Yemen.

    Here's what is known about Sa'ad:

    Saad is portrayed as a minor player in AQ, which is nonsense, he was second in command after Zawahiri and managed all UBL and Z communications. In late 2001, Sa'ad facilitated the travel of Usama bin Laden's wives and family members from Afghanistan to Iran. Sa'ad made key decisions for al Qaida and was part of a small group of al Qaeda members that was involved in managing the terrorist organization from Iran. Sa'ad worked with Khalid Shaik Mohamed and participated in planning a 2002 bombing in Tunisia which killed 17 people.

    In March of 2003 he was reported in SW Afghanistan, near the Iran-Pak border. Later in 2003 he moved to Iran, facilitating AQ travel across Iran to Iraq and was close to Zarqawi. In 2006 he traveled to Lebanon to facilitate cooperation with Hezbollah.

    In June 2007, Sa'ad left Iran for Morocco, then on to Lebanon until mid 2008. While there Sa’ad connected AQ to and fought for Fatah al-Islam, Lebanese and French intel, and Mossad knew he was there, tracking him under the AKA Shahin Shahin AKA Abu Salma. He reportedly assumed command of the group following the early June 2007 disappearance of the group's founder and commander and his deputy. Saad, one of the most active leaders in the operations section of al-Qaida, had set up cells and support units all over Lebanon, in collaboration with Shehab al Qaddur AKA Abu Hureira. From there he went back to Iran and then off to Af-Pak. Captured Saudi's: Nishi, Mohamed Abdallah Saleh Fahd, and Sweden Mughamis were "debriefed" by Saudi intel and each independently corroborated the bin Laden linkage.

    His loss would be quickly noticed by us and the Saudi's and Mossad. There has been no AQ elint traffic about his possible demise, which would be very unlikely for someone second in command to AQ. ..........( unlikely G ).

    Frankly, we were offered Saad and Zarqawi back in 2003 by the Iranians if we would give up the MEK Iranian rebels that we captured in Iraq.
    ( USA wouldn't give up the MEK resistance fighters for Iran. G)

    Also, no bounce back from any Paki source on Sa'ad, they are ignoring the story, not a good sign of traction.
    (Sa'ad is a bit player.G)


    .Update: 07.23.09




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