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    Tuesday, July 21, 2009

    The Digital Mafia:

    The Digital Mafia:

    In its midyear global security report for 2009, Cisco says there's plenty to be worried about when it comes to the way that online crime operations are operating.

    Bot herders and other nefarious characters are still using cutting-edge computing and social engineering. But according to Cisco's analysis, the real innovation is how those behind some of the biggest threats are collaborating in new ways. It's enterprise 2.0 for the criminal underbelly of the Internet.

    Collaborative Criminals

    Tom Gillis, Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Security Products, said, "We see many signs that criminals are mimicking the practices embraced by successful, legitimate businesses to reap revenue and grow their enterprises."

    Highlighting the collaboration between those running Conficker and Waledac, Cisco asserts that a new business model has emerged for the bot masters, whereby they work together to sell each other's services and evade detection. In some cases, they've even used public forums to solicit advice from one another.

    A Persistent Threat

    Not only are illegal enterprises collaborating, but they pose a threat that persists over time, with ability to launch new attacks in the future.

    Is there hope on the horizon for fighting these threats? Cisco pointed to "good guy" collaborative organizations, such as the Conficker Working Group and the Obama administration's renewed focus on cybersecurity, as good signs that industry and government are well-aware of the challenges to securty ahead.



    The Confliker working group has failed, Confliker is STILL THERE.

    The pending treat grows, there is an up coming vector that

    worries me, Terrorism + the digital Mafia.

    So far the digital Mafia rules.



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    forces,authority, New pardigms.


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