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    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    Regime is starting its Info AND CYBER WAR

    Regime is starting its Info AND CYBER WAR

    The Iranian Regime is starting its Info WAR.
    With TV commercials from self confessed
    criminals from the protestors.
    And expalining how they have been lead a
    stray by the West, and under playing
    the numbers.

    Re-focusing/spinning all the news
    Nada was fake, marches are small,
    mostly criminals, etc underplaying

    Preparing the ground work for
    what is to follow.

    This paradigm sets the protestors
    as criminals semi-terrorosts.

    And provides the ground work
    for the next roumors they will hear

    That started to day.

    They will push their meat grinder
    into the civilians in a very precise

    Testing reactions,
    Introducing anger and fear.
    Checking their response,
    Riot or stay home.

    A classic
    ( environment-stimulus-organism-response-environment )

    The anger that killing civilians is
    related to the news spin,
    The regime will attempt to
    explain away all the deaths
    as false and the ones that
    were true were just criminals,

    At the same time they are at
    cross purpose's, to get them to
    exhibit fear without triggering
    the anger response.

    Now to be sure the Regime
    would push that MEAT GRINDER
    into the civilians until all in the
    protests were dead.

    They have no compunction about
    mass murder.

    And sent the children ahead as mine
    sweepers, step on a mine and boom.
    Their bodies would be blown to bits.
    Iraq , Iran war.

    What did the kids do?
    Wrap themselves in blankets
    so all their body parts would stay
    together for a proper funeral..
    And get into paradise

    And they marched ahead holding
    their toy plastic keys.

    boom boom boom.

    Be sure this regime is MAD,

    The regime right now is interested in two things.
    One is how fast can they kill the protesters
    with out involving mass anger and a revolt.

    HEAR what aberjonny says.

    Part of their paradigm is the 13 Imam.

    Where a huge disaster bring on the
    missing MODIE.

    But it has to be a really huge disaster.

    Iran and a nuke.

    Who d'd thought?

    Would, could a strike at Iran's nuke sites,
    work to the advantage of the protesters?

    Would they view it as aid or attack?

    Would it re-unite them or bring down the

    The USA and the protesters have the same
    enemy, The Iranian Regime, how can they support
    each other?

    It would depend on the information dissemination,
    Advance agreement, and low collateral damage,
    and protesters and US working in concert against
    the Regime.

    Glad I'm not Obama.






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